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ONB - Official Notice Board 2018-19

ONB – Official Notice Board 2018-19

Notice NO 6 Three Piers will start off Portsea OW –  Scroll down
Notice NO 3 to competitors HANDICAPPING UPDATE- Scroll down
Portsea Cup Protest 1

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Portsea Cup Protest 1


Australia Day Three Piers Race

26-1-19 A PA OW  Portsea – Sorrento- Rye **
Change to Start – will be off Portsea Pier

RSI will be available on Saturday Morning. The course will be finalised with weather conditions observed and latest forecast and models.

Div 2 warning 13:30
Div 1 warning 14:00

27-1-19 A PA BOX  (Resail) **
Div 2 warning 12:00
Div 1 warning 12:30

Around Mud Island

2-2-19 A PA OW  Mud Island
Div 2 warning 11:30
Div 1 warning 12:00

Sanpellegrino Cup Couta Boat Race





16-2-19 14:00 A OW

Couta Conversations

1-12-18 10:30 Lacco Room

Special guest speaker: Nigel Abbott – to provide some tips and tricks on making your boat go faster!

We’ll also talk about the various ways that boats can resolve disagreements about rules – the turn penalty, post-race scoring penalties, arbitration, protest requirements, validity and when a protest, race or technical committee may, shall not or shall initiate a protest.

Rules disagreements

Nigel’s Talk


16-2-19 10:30 Lacco Room

16-3-19 10:30 Lacco Room

Past Couta Conversations

18-10-18 18:00 – 19:30 – Couta Boat Information Session at Sandringham Yacht Club:
Your Safety, Changes to the SIs, New Pursuit Race Handicap System, Aggregate Handicap system changes, Safety Inspections, Race Management Policies
Information night presentation Oct 2018

10-11-18 10:30 hrs Lacco Room + Tune up racing

  • Aaron Cole and Ian “Biggles” Johnson from North Sails
  • 1030 start time in the Lacco Room
  • Coffee available at the bar from 9 am
  • Rolls available off the bar from 9 am
  • Tune up racing will begin after Couta Conversation.
  • Multiple starts, on water coaching.

There will be a presentation and discussion led by Aaron Cole of North Sails.

Aaron will be talking about adjustments to the rig and how this effects control and trimming of the sails. This will be of great value to both “hot shots” and beginners alike. Don’t miss it.

Following the presentation, all Couta Boat skippers and crews are urged to have their boats ready for a “shakedown” sail commencing at approx. 1230 hours. Following some practise starts, on water coaching will be provided. Our aim is to get skippers and crews into the groove for the first aggregate race on Club opening day the following Saturday the 17th.

This all means you will have only 5 weeks to start/finish maintenance and to launch your boats for this event.

Please respond by email to Adam Hawkins: indicating your intention to attend. We plan to pair off boats on their handicaps for the coaching session.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Max Chester.

Lacco Cup

It’s all about the boat!

BBQ and discussion to follow racing each day.

17-2-19 11:00 BOX

24-2-19 11:00 – Race / Cruise to Queenscliff and BBQ at QCYC

17-3-19 11:00 BOX

24-3-19 11:00 BOX *** Provisional


Yabby Lake Couta Boat Race







23-2-19 14:00 A OW

Coastal Living Couta Boat Race




2-3-19 14:00 A OW

CBA States

9-3-19 12:00 A OW CBA 2 races

10-3-19 12:00 A OW CBA 2 races

Queenscliff Couta Boat Race

23-2-19 11:00 A OW CBA Queenscliff

Steadfast IBG Insurance Great Fort Run







30-3-19 14:00 A PA OW

Ladies Skippers Race

13-4-19 14:00 P BOX

2 Handed Div 2/3 Handed Div 1

22-4-19 11:00 OW

Couta Boat Winter Series

12-5-19 11:00 BOX

19-5-19 11:00 BOX

26-5-19 11:00 BOX

2-6-19 11:00 BOX

8-6-19 TBA TBA – Sorrento Midwinters

9-6-19 TBA TBA – Sorrento Midwinters


Opening Day

17-11-18 14:00 A OW
Notice to competitors

Sam Byrne & Ted Seibereisen Memorial Trophies

Opening Day Schedule

1100hrs – Official ceremony commences in the dining room, including announcement of Junior Club Captains for 2018/19, Commodore’s and Club Captain’s address.

Dinghy and Couta Boat briefings follow immediately after the Official Opening

1215hrs – Official guests and committee members board Moonraker

1245hrs – Sail past commences

1300hrs – Dinghies 1st Warning Signal 

1330hrs – Couta Boats 1st Warning Signal

The old text message system will no longer be used – Join WhatsApp Couta Boats 18-19 here

Past Notices

24-11-2018 – Notice to Competitors

As there is a Strong Wind Warning current at the 5:10 am BOM Forecast update this morning, Couta Boat Racing has been abandoned.

A number of boat crews are still coming down to the club for lunch regardless, why not join them?

  Notice to competitors 23/11/18 at 1520hrs.

Venue has moved from Portsea to Sorrento.

We will continue to monitor the weather as the BOM has issued a strong wind warning for Saturday 24 November. A decision will be made after the 0540hrs bulletin on Saturday morning and a notice posted on this board and posted to the Whatsapp group at that time.

For further information on the Race Management Policies, please click here.

Wooden Boat Shop Series






8-12-18 12:00 A OW 2 races Capel Sound
Raft up and presentation at BYS straight after racing.
Happy hour will be brought to you by the Wooden Boat Shop – So duck into the marina and enjoy the series completion.
Tender ducks will operate extended hours so you don’t have to rush back to your mooring.

BYS Berthing

The eastern side of pier is available as well as

Some BYS berths listed below
please use only these as others may belong to racing yachts out on course
B 64,65,67,70
Plus the Tee ends will be available to use



24-11-18 12:00 A OW 2 races Portsea – Abandoned

1-12-18 14:00 A BOX SSCBC – Sternchaser
(preceded by Couta Conversation)

Sternchaser Race Sailing Instruction (RSI) here

WBS Sternchaser Start times

The old text message system will no longer be used – Join WhatsApp Couta Boats 18-19 here –  Share with your crew.

24-11-18 12:00 A OW 2 races Portsea

Dash to the Heads

27-12-18 10:00 OW
Start off SSCBC and arrive in time to watch M2H and M2L races

RSI Dash to the Heads -18

Mercedes-Benz Mornington CBA Nationals




RSI CBA Nationals 2018 – Race Sailing Instructions



28-12-18 12:00 A OW CBA 2 races

29-12-18 12:00 A OW CBA 2 races

Presentation Drinks on western lawn after racing.

30-12-18 11:00 A OW CBA (TBA races – resail if needed)

RT Edgar South Channel Race




RSI South Channel Race 2019


We have changed to an On the Wind start

1-1-19 A PA BOX OW South Chanel
Div 2 warning 13:00
Div 1 warning 13:30

KPMG Couta Boat Classic






3-1-19 TBA OW

GANT Portsea Cup






Protest Time Limits
Div 1 – 17:11
Div 2 17:00
Portsea Cup Protest 1

The scheduled First Warning Signal is changed to 14:00 hrs.

There will be an Information Session at 11.30 at the club

5-1-19 14:00 A OW CBA Portsea

9:00 Portsea Cup Breakfast

6-1-19 10:00 A OW CBA Portsea (Resail)

12:00 Picnic and Presentation at Quarantine

Next Gen Couta Boat Race

19-1-19  14:00 OW

RSI Gill NEXT GEN 2019 V1


  • Registration – Training Centre       11:00 – 12:00
  • Briefing – Coloured wall 12:30
  • First Warning Signal Div. 1             14:00
  • First Warning Signal Div. 2             Follows
  • Presentation follows racing