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Jesamine was built by the renown Couta Boat builder Mitch Lacco in 1922. Kauri pine with Queensland Beech laid deck.
Jesamine was restored in 1999. A new centre case was fitted and a Yanmar 1GM10 motor was installed.
During the last winter, Jesamine has undergone a thorough refit. The hull was stripped to bare wood and finished in Norglass 2 pack paint system.
Jesamine was registered by the Couta Boat Association in 2000 and has only raced a few times in Division 2, winning the Portsea Cup in 2000 (Line and Handicap). With a new suit of sails and some fine tuning, Jesamine would be a highly competitive Div 2 boat.
Sails include 2 mains and 3 jibs in fair condition.
A fully maintained mooring is separately available for purchase with Jesamine. Located 150m west of SSCBC jetty. Fully maintained by Mullies.
Jesamine is in exceptional condition for a boat that is approaching 100 years old. She is listed on the Australian Register of Historic Vessels. Listing below:
“JESAMINE was built as a 21 Foot Restricted Class yacht in 1922 by Mitch Lacco at Queenscliff, Victoria. The class was famous between the two world wars when they raced for the premier interstate series called The Forster Cup. It is probably the earliest 21 Footer still extant in sailing condition, and emphasises the strong connection this racing class had with the working boat traditions of Victoria. Mitch Lacco built the craft for
himself and was one of the most important early builders of the well known Victorian couta boats. JESAMINE was later converted to the style of a couta boat and then used by Lacco as a fishing boat for decades on Port Phillip.
JESAMINE has a carvel planked hull with a spoon bow profile, and the raked transom associated with the 21 Foot Restricted Class rules. The profile has a shorter overhang at the stem and deeper forefoot than other craft more orientated to racing purposes. It now has an oval shaped cockpit which was more suitable for its fishing days.
JESAMINE only raced for a short period. It represented Victoria in the 1924 series for The Forster Cup but did not feature in any high placings. In the lead up to the racing it was suggested it would be at its best in lighter winds”.s