New Safety Regulations 2017-21


New Australian Sailing (AS) Safety Regulations commence 1 July 2017.

To compete in the 2017 CBA Nationals Couta Boats will need to complete a Cat 7 Safety Declaration and have the declaration Audited and Inspected by a certified AS Equipment Auditor. SSCBC is supporting boats going North in October by arranging audits at the Wooden Boat Shop.

Here’s how you complete the process:

  • Download the Special Regulations and review all the requirements in the Cat 7 columns
  • Download and print the AS Cat 7 2017-2021 Couta-SSCBC from the SSCBC Website
    (This is an annotated form which has some items blanked out that do not apply to Couta Boats such as petrol tanks, lifelines, stoves, boats without engines, cooking appliances)
  • Use the checklist to anticipate what you will need to d0 – Annual Lifejacket Service, Fire extinguisher check, flares, disprin expiries etc…
  • Now go to your boat and check everything on the list and tick off in the “P” column (Person in charge) on the form, if anything is missing or not fit for purpose, get it fixed.
  • Once you have everything, arrange an appointment with the Auditor at the boat and get everything laid out ready to inspect. Audit Preparation Advice


  • The owner and person in charge have an inescapable responsibility to ensure the boat is safe and meets the requirements.
  • You need to have all the lifejackets present at the inspection.
  • You need to mark everything that floats.
  • Your sharp knife needs to be readily accessible in the cockpit.
  • The Equipment Auditors want you to pass first time, they don’t want a second visit, so please be fair dinkum with your inspection.