Couta Conversations

We want to advise all skippers and crews of our couta boat fleet of the planning put in place for a series of Couta Boat Conversations. Please put the following dates in your diaries.

Saturday 12 November at 1100hrs – 1200hrs: View the presentation by Skins and Moose here

Following out of water annual maintenance, we will be talking about how best to set up the boat for racing. This discussion will be led by Andrew Skinner and Wayne Johnstone.

Saturday 19 November at 1100hrs – 1200hrs:

A discussion on sail management and trimming will be led by Mark Rimmington of Doyle Sailmakers and supported during a question and answer session by Peter Gale.

Saturday 26 November at 1100hrs – 1200hrs:

Ben Fels and Adam Hawkins will lead a discussion on Racing Rules of Sailing (including new changes effective 01/01/17 ) and how our race strategy and tactics interface with the rules.

Here is the presentation with links to scenario animations – so you can test yourself or just refresh.

Couta Conversations – Rules and Tactics  BF-AH-3

Saturday 17 December at 1300hrs – 1500hrs:

Due to the weather these plans have changed. There will be no on-water content. The Couta Conversation will take place in the Lacco Room commencing at 1300. It was apparent at the last session there were questions left un-answered so the Rules & Tactics session will be revisited. You will have the opportunity of leading the discussion with your questions. The combination of Ben Fells and Adam Hawkins are sure to be able to clarify any situations that arise on the water.


We would appreciate an indication of who will be attending please register your interest early by contacting Adam Hawkins on 0437 560 711 or