Legislation Changes – 1 August

Child Safety

In Victoria the Child Safety Act will change the requirements for people doing child related work at Sporting Organisations from 1 August. People whose role involves direct contact with children will need to be assessed as suitable to work with children and have a Working With Children Check (WWC) as a part of that assessment.

  • Direct contact “means you are able to talk face-to-face or have physical contact with children”
  • The change applies to all people, regardless of whether the contact is supervised or not.
  • It applies to staff and volunteers

Exceptions: A WWC is not required when:

  • Direct contact is incidental to the role – such as a plumber or bookkeeper
  • A person’s child is regularly involved in the activity – such as sail training
  • The person is a registered teacher or police officer – they are subject to other assessments.

Our assessment is that almost all volunteer roles will involve child-related work, so we have completed suitability assessments on our entire volunteer roster, staff, bosun, coaching and instructor teams.

A WWC is different to a police check. A police check might examine traffic offences, where as a WWC is looking at offences, including spent convictions, and other matters such as AVOs that might pose a risk to children. To make our club as child safe as practicable, we encourage members who may undertake child related work, such as volunteering, to apply for a WWC. It’s free for volunteers. You can apply online, and then take the application receipt to an Australia Post outlet to get your photo taken.

Smoking and Food Service

Changes to legislation mean that smoking is no longer allowed with 4 meters of a place where food is served unless there is a 2.1m barrier, or where an underage sporting event is taking place.

Under the Australian Sports Commission / Australian Sailing Member Protection Policy that the club has adopted, we also have a designated smoking area at the elbow of the entrance ramp.

Although it is technically possible to have smoking areas switching on and off under different circumstances, it would be impractical and confusing.

The club will continue with its policy that smoking on club grounds is only allowed in the designated smoking area. Club Policy can be found here. http://sscbc.com.au/club-info/safety/