SSCBC Catering Appointment

New Caterer Announced

Commodore Hurley and the General Committee are delighted to announce the appointment of our new catering contractor.
After 6 weeks of deliberation and interviews with 12 applicants, we are pleased to announce the Damm Fine Food Group has accepted the appointment of caterer at SSCBC.
Principal, Georgina Damm will be well known to many Members and comes to us with a wealth of experience catering to many of Melbourne’s major events, pop-up experiences, restaurants and other unique dining experiences.
The Damm Fine Food Group has undertaken to provide highly effective service that is both cutting edge and responsive to the SSCBC and its members’ needs. They will ensure that the service provided is creative, reliable and affordable.
In accepting this appointment, Georgina Damm has stated, “The Damm Fine Food Group is ready, capable and committed to taking on this very exciting opportunity. We have both the talent and the available resources to move forward confidently and to offer the SSCBC a new and fresh hospitality option beginning in May 2017”.

Georgina Damm

Georgina Damm. Principal, Damm Fine Food Group

Barry and Georgina

Georgina Damm, DFFG with Barry Iddles, SCC

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