Learn to Sail at SSCBC

Learn to Sail at SSCBC

Sail & Play is a reputable Australian Sailing accredited learn to sail program that is fun, fast and aimed at participants from the age of 7 who are after great summer holiday fun with friends and family. Sail & Play offers Levels 1, 2, 3 in club Opti’s and adults and teenagers have the ability to discover sailing in our 2 person club pacer boats.

Sail and Play Easter School Holidays 2017

Easter Cara na mara Registration Form

Calling all 5 – 7 year olds …
SSCBC is proud to launch its latest junior sailing program CARA NA MARA “friends of the sea” which is targeted at 5,6 and 7 year olds who would like an introduction to sailing in a safe and fun environment.
The program will include fun games, learning the fundamentals and going for a joy ride in a pacer boat with a coach. Kids will have the chance to steer the boat and play with the main sail. The maximum coaching ratio will be 3 children : 1 coach. Please call Dave White in the office if you have any questions and for registrations.
The dates are: Easter Sat and Sun, 1-3pm $100pp.
Members and non-members welcome.

Level One

A fun course for beginners where not only boats and sailing is introduced but also towing, steering, water safety and boat rides. Sailors begin 2-up in our purpose built training boats under the close company of our instructors. By the end of this course, some participants are sailing by themselves and ready for level 2. Level 1 is very suitable for first timers and fantastic for personal growth. Valuations are completed at the end of the course to advise the next level suitable to sailors.

Level Two

Sailors will be in our training Optis. Skills are developed in sailing around a course and all angles of sail. Capsizing and launching/retrieving skills are honed plus sail trim and speed control improved. Sailing games are introduced and there are a lot of laughs.

Level Three

Sailors use our club Optis to enhance their overall boat handling skills and advance their technique. Some sailing rules and racing procedures are demonstrated plus some fun challenges. Having successfully completed Levels 1 and 2, Level 3 sailors are introduced to SSCBC Coaching Program and further opportunities.

Adults and Teens in Pacers

SSCBC proudly caters for teenagers with the desire to learn the joy of sailing in the beautiful waters of Port Phillip, Sorrento.
Using the very safe but ideally sized Pacer Class Yacht, participants will enjoy the thrills of sailing. Coached by qualified instructors, this course provides an excellent beginning to your sailing journey, combining teamwork, balance, strength and a lot of fun. Once completed participants will be made aware of further sailing opportunities and courses, taking you to the next exciting stage.

Participants will cover:

  • boat handling skills
  • rigging and de-rigging
  • teamwork
  • components of sailing
  • water safety
  • sail trim and yes
  • skipper their own boat
  • Capsizing will also be part of the fun


For full details on the usage of Club Pacers outside the learn to sail program please follow this Link.