Shooting The Breeze Episode 3



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This week Shooting the Breeze has an international feel as our host Mark Klemens covers conversations spanning the globe. Mark talks with our Training Manager David White about growing up in Ireland and finding his love of sailing there, then sailing the world before anchoring at SSCBC.

The conversation then moves to new Club Member Chris Thomas, whose family have lived all over the world due to Chris’s advertising career and his daughter’s pro golfing career. After living in the UK, Singapore, the Middle East, Africa and America, Chris and his family are now based at St Andrew’s Beach where they have the best of both sailing and golf. Chris has his sights set on mastering sailing his Wasp with the help of younger Club Members.

The final interview is direct from New York with SSCBC family members Emily Yarwood and her husband, Andrew Penman, who celebrated their wedding on the Western Lawn in February this year before returning to what would become an epicentre of the Corona virus. Emily and Andrew give us a first hand account of life in New York in these unsettling times.