Price $9,125 Syndicated 8th share
Sellers name Merv Baird
Sellers phone 0412535 145
Sellers email [email protected]

Leeuwin C-134 a Div 1 Couta Boat was built at the Wooden Boat Shop in 2002/3. It was purchased by the current owners in 2004/5 as a syndicate. The 4 owners have agreed and created 4 additional syndicated ownership shares, 3 of which have been taken up by the existing sailors that crew on Leeuwin. The 8th and last syndicated ownership opportunity is now on offer. The assets that are included are the boat and EET 33, its mooring. Boat and mooring value are $73,000 (both assets have been independently valued).. Leeuwin is a successful syndicate that has been part of the Couta Boat fleet at SSCBC for 15 years. Th. The boat is meticulously maintained each year at the WBS who have a full history.
If you are interested in being an owner within the Couta Boat fleet this is a rare opportunity to join an established group as a principal owner and be part of one of the most enduring syndicates. We enjoy great sailing, competition and the fellowship that comes with being an integral part of this classic fleet. If you are interested please call.