CBA Div 2 Nationals & SSCBC Lacco Cup 2018

To all Div 2 Skippers and Crew,
On behalf of James Mighell, President of the Couta Boat Association and the SSCBC, I invite you all to participate in the forthcoming Lacco Cup regatta. This year participation in the regatta is even more important as it is combined with the Div 2 CBA National Championship.
The Lacco Cup is for Div 2 boats only and is run over four Sundays – it is a special event for all of us in Div 2, and in past years has been great fun and good sailing.
This year we are going to add some features to make the event even more attractive.
The races will be either Clubhouse starts around the fixed marks or laid courses. Racing will be at 1200 hours on 18 and 25 February, 18 and 25 March. After racing we will gather on either Lavender Hill or the Western Lawn for food, drinks and presentations. We will also have presentations by Tim Phillips on Lacco and on the history of some of the boats racing in the regatta. Prizes will be different this year.
Each day will be “hosted” by the following boats:
February 18 = Fiona
25 February = SSCBC and CBA
18 March = Joan and Morning Star
25 March = Peter Pan
Registration is now open, it is important to register for catering and handicapping purposes.
If you need crew please complete this information during the registration process as crew on Div 1 boats are keen to be involved.
Even if you do not race regularly we want you involved to celebrate the history and traditions of the smaller couta boats, to enjoy the food, the fiends and drinks and to learn more about the boats in the fleet and who sail them.
Graham Cunningham

CBA Div 2 Nationals & SSCBC Lacco Cup 2018 Registration