Tinnie, Duck and Rib – Member Induction

A guide to safety requirements on SSCBC’s boats for members.

General Requirements

Boats engaged in Sailing Club competition or training must have

  • 1 PFD type 1 in the boat for each person on board.

Boats engaged in Sailing Club competition or training are not restricted to 5 knots within 30m of another boat in the competition or training, when outside the 5 knot zone.

The number of passengers must not exceed the maximum on the rating plate.

One person on the boat must be the master of the vessel, be in charge and be responsible for the boat’s requirements and carry their marine license.

Walker Bay Tenders

These white row boats are classified as recreational tenders. The only required safety equipment is a PFD for each person. Because they are <4.8m, PFDs must be worn at all times. As these are not safety boats, no other safety equipment is required.

Standard Powered Safety Boat Equipment

  • All safety boats are required to carry a safety bag / container which includes:
    • Flares & local area map
    • Throw line & tow line
    • Knife & torch
    • Crew rescue tape
    • First aid kit
  • The safety boat must also have:
    • Kill switch with extension
    • Fire extinguisher & bailer
    • Anchor, chain and warp
    • VHF Radio
    • Paddles / oars (only if < 4.8 M – tiller steer)

Why do we insist kill cords are worn at all time? Click here

Tiller Steer Tinnies and Ducks

These little tinnies and ducks are tiller steered and <4.8m so:

  • PFDs must be worn at all times; and
  • they must have oars or paddles

These and the Walker bay row boats are the only boats that can be used as tenders by members, without being rostered.

Steering Wheel Ribs – Rostered Volunteer Use Only

The VSRs, Zodiacs, Gemini and Brig are > 4.8m so PFDs must be worn

  • When operating alone
  • At times of heightened danger
  • When some occupants only have a PFD type 2

Hard Hull Rescue boats – Rostered Volunteer Use Only

Volunteer, Tally, Davey and Gillie D have all of the safety equipment described above. Additionally, Volunteer has a lifebuoy and AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

This is a basic guide to the minimum requirements for operation. If you would like a hands on induction on any aspects of these boats, contact the office and we will arrange it for you. We don’t want people operating these boats unless they are competent and confident.

To complete an online induction, click here.