Members Information Session, Club Rules – Amendments




Dear Member,

Adoption of Changes to the Club Rules

Further to our first Information Session which was held on Sunday 26 November 2017. We will be holding a second information session on Sunday 4th February 2018, commencing at 10:30am, we expect the session will run for approximately 90 minutes.


As many of you will be aware, laws and regulations governing not-for-profit clubs and associations such as ours, have in recent times changed significantly.


Last year the Club sought advice from our lawyers, Hunt and Hunt. We were advised that our Club Rules are no longer in compliance with the Model Rules as defined in the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.  Specifically, the office of Consumer Affairs noted in their explanatory comments, “If you choose to have your own rules, they must address the mandatory items in Schedule 1 of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (the Act)”.


As we rightly choose to have our own Rules, so must we update them, from time to time, to ensure they comply with the Act.  The major changes relate to the processes of managing elections and of disciplinary issues.  There are also some minor procedural changes that reflect that we are now a larger Club.  For example, the quorum at the Annual General Meeting has been increased to fifty Members as compared to the old requirement of fifteen.


We asked Hunt and Hunt to help us update the Rules so that they comply with the Act whilst preserving the defining attributes of the old Rules.  For example, the Rule that requires fifty percent of the committee to be an owner of a Couta Boat has been retained without change.


This second meeting will be an information meeting where the Rules sub-committee and the Commodore will be on hand to hear your suggestions and answer as many questions as possible.  We ask that you review the current rules and the new DRAFT rules then email any questions you have (using the links below). These should be emailed at least 24 hours prior to the meeting so a qualified opinion can be sought if required. This will ensure we have the time to respond adequately.


Ultimately, a Special General Meeting (SGM) to adopt the new Rules will need to be held.  The new Rules including changes initiated from Member feedback at the information sessions will be sent out twenty one days prior to the SGM.  It is expected that if minimal changes to the draft are required, the SGM will likely be held in early March.  It is important for Members to appreciate that we will not be able to make changes or redraft the Rules at the SGM.  The SGM can only make a yes or no decision on the adoption of the new Rules because all Members must be given written notice of the proposed new Rules prior to the vote.  The time to suggest changes will be at the scheduled information sessions and/or via email – not at the SGM.


Please click on the links below to review summary letter from Hunt & Hunt as well as the old Rules and the proposed Draft Rules. You can also ask questions or make suggestions using  the appropriate link below.


Thank you for your time in considering this important proposal. We commend these changes for adoption by the membership.


Yours Faithfully;


Phillip Wise

Honorary Secretary


Summary letter of advice from Hunt and Hunt

SSCBC Club Rules

SSCBC Draft Rules (proposed)

Submissions and Questions