26 March 2020
Dear Members,

As you will have seen, the latest Government directives regarding non-essential business closures has impacted our Club and its use by Members.

As a result, the Clubhouse is closed for all Member use until further notice, including the use of the downstairs bathrooms and access to lockers. There are no exceptions to this.  At this time the showers on the wall outside the Training Centre continue to be operational.

All sailing has been cancelled at this time and will be reassessed by the Sailing Committee on Government advice at the end of May. If you need to get out to your boat, a Club tender will remain on the jetty for Members’ use. A RHIB may be activated by staff if necessary. Please be mindful that anyone choosing to sail at this time does so at their own risk as the Clubhouse will be unattended if assistance is required.

Henry Dyer                                          Scott Llewelyn
Chief Executive Officer                        Club Captain




23 March 2020

Dear Members,

Given the announcement by the Federal and State Government that all non-essential services are to close, the SSCBC Committee has determined to close the Club effective midday today, Monday 23rd March 2020.

We will be monitoring the Government policy as it develops and will endeavour to re-open as soon as possible when policy changes permit, and as soon as it is safe for our Members and staff to do so.

The Club’s finances remain strong, however, management and the Committee are currently considering how the Club closure will impact on the Club’s finances, staff, membership subscriptions etc. We will certainly be doing whatever we can to support our staff during these uncertain times. Members will be kept informed as decisions are made.

In terms of sailing, the aggregate Couta Boat season has been put on hold until further notice. Similarly, all coaching and Learn to Sail courses have been postponed. If you need to get out to your boat, a Club tender will remain on the jetty for Members’ use.

In this difficult time, I wish you and your family the best. Please remain safe and importantly, healthy.

For further information, please contact our CEO, Henry Dyer:

Yours sincerely,
Graham Cunningham



18 March 2020

Dear SSCBC community,

Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

With the rapidly changing nature of COVID-19 and how it is affecting our world, the Club would like to ensure all Members are as fully informed as possible and understand our first priority is the health and safety of our Members, visitors and staff.

The Committee and Management are constantly reviewing all operational activities and continue to develop and implement a Response Plan covering the Training Centre, food and beverage and Couta Boat sailing.

In addition, we are also taking professional advice to introduce best practice around enhanced hygiene, social distancing, employees and travel.

Members and guests are reminded that they are ultimately responsible for making decisions on their health status. The Club is not responsible for assessing each person’s well-being and if the Member has the slightest doubt, they must stay away from the Club.


Learn to Sail (Cara na Mara, Sail & Play, Outthere Sailing) & Coaching

All Easter holiday programs have unfortunately been cancelled and for the foreseeable future, our coaching programs will not be running Sunday Coaching sessions nor Dinghy racing. However, we feel single handed sailing is a low risk activity in terms of potential transfer of COVID-19 and may be an option for parents to consider for their children. This is in line with other sailing clubs and our commitment to deliver the safest possible environment for our families. Due to the fact that we are at the end of the season we do not foresee any further Learn to Sail activities until September. For further information or questions please email Dave on


Couta Boat Sailing

A priority of the Sailing Committee is to keep our Couta Boat fleet out on the water as much as possible. In order to do so we plan on conducting social sailing on Saturdays at normal race times. These will not be aggregate races at this stage to ensure that no one is pressured to come to the Club if they choose not to. Our sailing operations team will be taking additional steps to ensure social separation as much as possible. For further information or questions, please email Ben


Food and Beverage

We have taken steps to ensure our food and beverage operation is as safe as possible by providing hand sanitizing stations at Club reception, restaurant reception and the bar. Tables will be arranged in the dining room in appropriate manor to ensure separation. We have also increased our cleaning schedules which includes table sanitization after every meal.


If a decision is made to close food and beverage then we may look at a take away option. For more information or questions please email



Members, guests and staff are asked to:

  • Ensure regular hand washing with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds;
  • Refrain from shaking of hands or kissing;
  • Cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing, preferably with an elbow or tissue; and
  • Safely dispose of any tissues after use.



As per the Government initiative on 15 March 2020, any Members, visitors or staff who have returned to Australia from overseas must self-isolate for 14 days before accessing the Club until further notice. There must be no exception to this process.


Infection Reporting

It is vitally important that any Member or staff member who tests positive to COVID-19 must inform the Club as soon as possible. Please contact the CEO, Henry Dyer, immediately on 0467 637 427 or email A doctor’s certificate or some other clearance stating that you are not ill with COVID-19 may be required before you can visit the Club again.


If you are ill or unsure of whether you are fit to visit SSCBC, please stay away until you are healthy again.


However, it is a fluid and rapidly changing environment which may result in further operational changes and you can be assured the Committee and Management will continue to assess the situation as it unfolds.



11 March 2020

Dear SSCBC community,

I wanted to send you a note regarding the Club’s precautionary measures around Cornavirus (COVID-19).

You will be aware that, at the time of writing, there are well in excess of 100,000 cases of Coronavirus reported around the globe. Consequently, the Club is planning for scenarios that are no longer merely a hypothetical. We will continue to be operating in a very fluid and changing environment. Our role is to remain balanced in our outlook and continue to make decisions focusing on the welfare of our Members, based on the most recent information available.

We have received advice from the Department of Health and Human Services regarding recommendations we should make as a Club, as follows:

It is recommended that Members or staff do not attend the Club if they have:

  • left, or transited through mainland China in the last 14 days (they must isolate themselves for 14 days from leaving mainland China)
  • left, or transited through Iran on or after 1 March (they must isolate themselves until 14 days after leaving Iran)
  • left, or transited through the Republic of Korea on or after 5 March (they must isolate themselves until 14 days after leaving the Republic of Korea)
  • been in close contact with a confirmed case of Coronavirus in the last 14 days (they must isolate themselves for 14 days after the date of last contact with the confirmed case).

In addition, the Australian Government considers Italy to be at higher risk for COVID-19.

If you are returning from these countries, you need to monitor your health for the next 14 days. If you believe that you are beginning to show symptoms of the virus, please contact your GP immediately. If you, or someone with whom you have had close contact with, has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please notify the Club immediately and take all necessary medical advice.

In order to minimise any risk to our SSCBC community, the following is provided for your information:

The spread of Coronavirus can be prevented by practising good hand hygiene and sneeze/cough hygiene. It is the best defence against most viruses:

  • wash hands frequently with soap and water, before and after eating, and after going to the toilet
  • cover coughs and sneezes, dispose of tissues, and use alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • and if unwell, avoid contact with others (touching, kissing, hugging, and other intimate contact).

Current symptoms of Coronavirus COVID-19 include, but are not limited to fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath.
If a Member or staff develops mild symptoms, they should:

  • Isolate themselves from others at home and use a separate bathroom if available:
  • Put on a surgical mask and if they don’t have one, practise good sneeze/cough hygiene:
  • Practise good hand hygiene: and
  • Call a doctor or hospital and tell them the recent travel or close contact history.

If they have serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing, call 000, ask for an ambulance and notify the officers of the recent travel or close contact history.

It is likely that in the coming weeks and months, someone within our SSCBC community may be directly impacted by Coronavirus COVID-I9. Therefore, the SSCBC Committee is developing a contingency plan aimed at minimising and managing the impact that such an event would inflict. Some of the initiatives currently in place or in development include:

  • Improved hygiene practices with increased cleaning schedules and more thorough cleaning being undertaken – including the disinfecting of handrails and doorknobs.
  • Implementing a formal process for managing an event where a Member or staff informs the Club of a positive diagnosis of Coronavirus COVID-19.
  • Avoiding person to person physical contact where possible (such as handshakes)
  • Developing a wider-Club quarantine plan in the event that multiple Members are infected.
  • Preparing for a scenario where SSCBC is obliged to close for a period of time.

As events continue to unfold, SSCBC will consistently review and improve its approach to identifying potential risks and implementing mitigation activities as more becomes known of the virus.

May I also respectfully suggest that all Members look carefully at their own non-urgent personal travel plans and /or holidays in the coming months. You may also wish to consult your own insurers if you have overseas travel booked. You need to be cognisant that if you choose to visit a restricted area on a family holiday, then the Club expects that this will be declared and that we may have to impose the mandatory 14-day isolation period, or at a very minimum a medical clearance before you can return to the Club.

Thank you and we will keep you updated.