Free Boat Inspection for SSCBC Members

Good news! The Club is offering free regular boat inspections during this COVID-19 time for SSCBC Members.

For our boat owning members who are not able to check on their boat on its swing mooring, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, an SSCBC staff member (Storm Bobridge), with your permission, will do a regular inspection and let you know that all is ok or that something needs attention.

The inspection will include checking: mooring lines, rigging, boat and sail covers, bilge pump, water levels in the bilges, and any obvious maintenance issues.

Our aim is to inspect the boats weekly, weather permitting. We will also aim to do the inspections after particularly strong north wind days.

Please note this is purely an inspection service only. Your boat will be thoroughly checked if you sign up for the free service. All care will be taken to identify any maintenance issues or potential issues. However, SSCBC is not able to undertake any required maintenance that we identify, and will not be taking any responsibility for any damage to the boat or its equipment arising from maintenance issues or weather conditions.

If you would like to take advantage of this inspection service, please submit the form below.


Free Boat Inspection - Sign Up Here

Free Boat Inspection - Sign Up Here

SSCBC is offering boat owners the opportunity to have their boat inspected by Storm.

Please tick the “ Agree” box below to confirm that you agree to the following: I agree to a SSCBC staff member (Storm Bobridge) boarding my boat for the purposes of a visual check of the boat and its equipment. In doing so, I confirm that I will not hold the SSCBC or any of its staff members responsible for any damage to my boat caused by hull, rigging, mooring or equipment failure or malfunction, or by weather conditions. I recognise that the inspection is purely visual and does not involve the testing of any equipment on the boat, apart from the bilge pump. *