Hull including Jibboom and the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-24

New Class rule 3.3 and interpretation of the meaning of the word ‘hull’ in the Couta Boat Class Rules and the Racing Rules of Sailing.

Class Rule 3.3 states:
“Where ‘hull’ is used in the following definitions or rules the Jibboom is included in the meaning of ‘hull’ in that rule.

Definitions:  Clear Ahead and Clear Astern, Overlap, Finish, Start, Obstruction, Zone,

RRS 17, 21.1, 29.1, 30.1 to 30.4, 44.2, 61.1 (a) (2), C2.1, C2.4, C3.1, C3.2, C4.1, C4.2, C7.2, D1.1.”

Explanation: Hull is not a defined term in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). Although hull is defined in the Equipment Rules of Sailing, that definition does not apply to the RRS.

The Couta Boat Association is the body responsible for defining the meaning of hull in the different contexts with which it is used (it can mean different things) and interpreting the class rules, in accordance with RRS 64.4 (c) the class has interpreted hull in the above contexts to include the Jibboom.

Couta Boat Association Technical Committee 31/12/2020