Navigating COVID-19 in ‘ISO’

So if you’re over the sourdough starter or were never into it in the first place, you could have a look at upgrading and testing your navigation skills.

Generally around Sorrento we are pretty much line of sight people, but what about planning a passage out the heads and getting where you want to be when you planned?

We’ve got quite a few avid navigators who are on top of their game, so we’ve found the 2020 Stars and Compass Challenge for them, and we want to see who can be the Sorrento Champion. Try it out here

For those who have a little time on their hands and would like to develop their navigation skills, check out the RYA – e-book store. These are great publications with lots of animations and videos to really help you engage in the subjects.

To take your first foray into navigation, start with RYA – An Introduction to Navigation