Sailing Update – 1 May

Sailing Update.

At present there has been no change to the ability to conduct community sport in Victoria and as a licensed club we remain closed.

We are trying to work out what is possible for the Winter Series.

That said we were heartened that the National Cabinet has repeated today that they are looking to ease restrictions and that Community Sport was the first category of activity that was mentioned by the CHO.

Other states, with different circumstances have eased restrictions on social gatherings and physical activities, including that gatherings of 10 people outdoors are permitted, that recreational boating has been allowed again and that you can go fishing with your mates.

Our ability to go sailing will be a State Decision.

Victoria’s infection rate remains low and there is satisfaction that controls have been effective. Victoria is looking to further assure itself of the actual presence by conducting widescale sentinel testing with a goal of 100,000 tests in the lead up to 11 May.

The different states have different risk factors, so what has happened elsewhere varies and is not an indication of what Victoria will do.

We have developed plans modelled on a series of potential restrictions; however we need to learn what the actual restrictions are to complete any plans to start the winter series.

We expect that we will learn more next week and will keep you updated.

The practice races for the eRegatta were enjoyed by many, why not give it a shot?

Next week in eTidings we’ll have some more sailing activities that you can do in ISO, in the meantime have a great weekend!

Scott Llewelyn  & Ben Fels