Sailing Hub

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Sailing Hub was upgraded over winter and now includes.

  • Crew Register
  • Boat Register
  • Results
  • Notify and display changes under the handicap results
  • Volunteer Registration and Rosters
  • Sign on (you can now sign on the day before)
  • Crew Manager (Who is coming to sail on your boat)
  • Crew Matching
  • An Automatic Sail Pass system for our guests
  • Request a hearing for a protest or redress request
  • Q&A / RFI – Ask a question to Race, Handicap, Protest, Technical, or Organising Committee  Committee or Organising
  • Official Notice Board – Notices to Competitors
  • Weather Links
  • Emergency Contacts

It is simple and easy to use on your mobile device and computer. Boat owners can more easily use additional features such as Crew Matching and Crew Management.

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Crew Register updates for 2022-23

The system used to record Couta Boat crews has been overhauled over the winter months.

We need details of who is on the water, primarily for safety reasons but also for compliance, as this information is used in different databases.

You can access Crew Register, via your computer or mobile device. If you need to reset your password it will be stored as a cookie on your phone for up to 90 days.

Here are the top FAQs about the changes. We’ll provide further tips over the coming weeks.

Boat Owners & Boat Admins:

Boat owners can assign a crew member as admin for the boat, who can then complete all the admin tasks for them.

Couta Boat Season Entry

Season entry uses your boat owner Crew Register ID and details from last season on your existing boat so you can update boat details and pay the season fee.

Boat location

We’ve added some extra fields to store your mooring ID, location, distance and bearing from the Tower and Jetty. This will help us with checking boats have returned and are OK and also with the ferry service. These will be added in due course and are not required now.

Updating Crew

Crew records have been rolled over, so you may not need to do anything if you’ve kept the same crew pool.

Signing on

Now you can sign on the day before racing. If you don’t have all the crew confirmed, you can add or remove crew before you go to your boat.

Adding new crew

  • Skippers and Boat Admins can add crew details directly on their computer or phone.
  • They can also email a link so the new crew can add their details.
  • On the spot – bring up a QR code for the new crew to scan and tap their details in.

OTB Storage

With the new sailing shed’s extended capacity, we’ll be issuing season stickers for all OTB stored equipment and boats on the hardstand. Staff can scan the QR code to identify the owner.

Racing Plan / Roster – Volunteers and Staff

All of our Volunteers and staff (Bosuns, Instructors, Coaches and Managers) are in the Crew Register system and we use the Volunteer module to plan the day, allocate boats and crew and all the race day running logistics.

Published Rosters are available online and are updated in real time.

Crew Management

We’ve also added a Crew Management feature for Couta Boats that have a large crew pool to manage. It’s optional to use.

Crew Management lets you email your message to your crew to find out availability for racing days and their Yes/No/Maybe response is updated instantly from the Crew Management in Crew Register- This can be used by Boat Owners or Admins.