She Sails and Hears Protests – Tutorials

Australian Sailing – Protest Committee Member Course & Tutorial

9-10 am Saturday 20 March and 27 March

Calling all women and girls interested in completing the new Australian Sailing Protest Committee Member course (online). We are hoping to attract a few of our She Sails members to undertake this course and build the Club’s resources.

This course focusses on the basics to conduct consistent procedures to ensure fair protest hearings at a club level. This entry level course equips new Judges to be a valued member of a club or regatta level Protest Committee. It is suitable for club volunteers looking to gain knowledge about the racing rules as they apply to protest procedure.

This is a “first step” course that takes approx. 3.5 hours to complete. Women are invited to complete the first half of this course by this weekend then catch up at the club for a tutorial to clarify anything in the course or check on understanding of anything covered.

The tutorial will be run by Maddie Collett, Sally Law, Glenys Hitchen and supported by Judge Judy and will help achieve full confidence in the content of the course.

The following week we will repeat for the second half of the course.

We’ll then work out some dates with the group and then run some protest mornings to get some practice, using some materials we recently sourced from last week’s US Sailing Judge Seminar program where Ben Fels and Damien Boldyrew were instructors (Zoom). We thought the US approach was an exceptional advancement on what we currently do in Australia and are keen to share it. More details to follow on that.

To get started – Join the WhatsApp group
Then enrol in the course which is hosted on the Aus Sport Canopie platform –
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