SSCBC Vaccination Policy

Dear Members,

The SSCBC General Committee and Management have, this week, determined our policy in relation to mandating COVID 19 vaccines. We recognise that there are differing views in relation to mandating the vaccination, but most importantly, we have a responsibility to protect the health and wellbeing of our Members, guests and staff, and this has been our guiding principle in determining this policy.

After considering relevant medical and legal viewpoints, as well as the Victorian Government directives within the ‘Victorian Roadmap’, the SSCBC General Committee has resolved to make it mandatory for all Members, guests, staff and contractors who are eligible to be fully vaccinated, to be so, in order to enter the Club. This will take effect from 26 October 2021, or when the State reaches the 70% of 16+ fully vaccinated threshold, in line with Victorian Government directives. This will include accessing SSCBC facilities and Club resources.

Proof of full vaccination (two doses) will be required in order to enter the Club.

We are finalising our procedures regarding how Members and guests efficiently provide proof of their vaccination status upon entry by using the Government’s ‘green tick’ digital certificate and we will provide further information on this shortly. Information on how to download your ‘green tick’ can be found here.

Exceptions to this Policy

We recognise that there are a number of people within our Club who are unable to be vaccinated. In particular, children between the ages of 12 and 15 have only just become eligible for vaccination and are therefore unlikely to be full vaccinated by the 26 October, whilst the vaccination is not yet approved for under 12s. Members under the age of 16 will therefore not require vaccination to enter the Club at present, but as directives change and we reach the later stages of the Victorian Government Roadmap which specifically addresses the 12 to 16 year age group, we will update our policies accordingly.

We also recognise that some people are unable to be vaccinated because of a medical contraindication as determined by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation clinical guidance (refer Department of Health & Human Services website). In this circumstance, and where a medical exemption verified by the Victorian Specialist Immunisation Services can be provided, indicating that the individual cannot be vaccinated, then an exemption will be granted.

All semi-public areas such as Lavender Hill, the jetty and moorings that are accessed from around SSCBC, and tenders used specifically for accessing boats, are not governed by this policy. Instead, we ask that you refer and comply with all Victorian Government directives in relation to these areas.

Other measures regarding COVID safety

In conjunction with our Vaccination Policy, the Club will continue to follow our COVID Safe Plan and use all appropriate measures in line with Victorian Government directives, including QR check in, sanitisation stations, masks, social distancing and number limitations. We will keep you informed of any changes to these measures as we move through the various stages of the Victorian Government Roadmap.

Requirements for sailing up until 26 October

In line with Victorian Government directives, there is currently no access to the Clubhouse (including the toilets and change-rooms) other than for take away. The Victorian Government has, however, allowed for sailing to take place in the following capacity from 29 September until 26 October (or other such date as determined by the General Committee in line with Government directives).

Sail Coaching:

  • Must be for exercise purposes
  • Maximum of 2 people (plus the Coach)


  • Maximum of 5 people if everyone attending who is 16 years or older (and the Coach) have received both of their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Recreational Sailing:

  • Recreational sailing can occur

Policy Review

This Policy will continue to be revised in line with Victorian Government directives, and reviewed regularly to ensure that it appropriately protects the health and wellbeing of Members, guests, staff and contractors.

SSCBC Reopening Plan

Please find below the SSCBC Reopening Plan, outlining how SSCBC expects to transition from the current Lockdown. This plan is based on the Victorian Government Roadmap and aims to provide an understanding to Members as to what access and amenity they should expect at the Club as vaccination targets are met. These plans are indicative based on the current information at hand, however, the General Committee and Management may resolve to change these plans based on Victorian Government Directives and operational requirements.

The General Committee and Management are looking forward to welcoming Members and guests back to the Club for the 21/22 season. We thank you, as Members, for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.

Warm regards,

Georgie Silverwood

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