Training Centre RHIB use

The following provides details of the Conditions of Use for the use of Ridged Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) supplied to individuals/teams (Training Member) for the purposes of sailing support, training and instruction.


  1. All operators of the RHIB must hold a current Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club (SSCBC) Training Membership throughout the period of use.
  2. Training Membership is $60 per week for each Competitor and each Support Person unless a separate arrangement has been made for a training camp or regatta.
  3. The Training Member is required to provide the full cost of membership prior to use of the RHIB or training at the club.


  1. The Training Member is required to comply with all local Victorian and Australian Laws while a member. In particular the Training Member must adhere to all marine safety laws and regulations that are applicable to the use of the RHIB.
  2. SSCBC will provide each RHIB with a full fuel tank at the commencement of its use by the Training Member. Any further fuel required is at the cost of the Training Member. The Training Member is required to follow SSCBC’s fuelling procedures.
  3. The Training Member must keep the RHIB in a clean and tidy condition at all times. Where use extends over a period of greater than two weeks, the RHIB will need to be slipped and cleaned. SSCBC will instruct the Training Member of the relevant time and location for the slip cleaning process.
  4. The Training Member is responsible for the security of the RHIB, including securing the RHIB key.


  1. During the period in which the RHIB is made available to the Training Member, SSCBC will provide the Training Member with details of the relevant location and requirements for overnight mooring.
  2. The RHIB must not be stored or left on the windward or up-tide side of the SSCBC jetty.


  1. The RHIB will be provided with the basic safety equipment required for compliance with Victorian Law. Any further equipment (including marine radio) is the responsibility of the Training Member.
  2. A type one or type two Personal Flotation Device (PDF) and the operation kill switch must always be used by the operator of the RHIB.


  1. The Training Member accepts all liability associated with the loss, damage, cost or expense suffered or incurred by SSCBC by reason of any breach of these Conditions of Use by the Training Member including personal injury or death.
  2. The Training Member is responsible for all loss or damage to property arising out of or as a consequence of the Training Member’s use of the RHIB.
  3. SSCBC may request the Training Member undertake the rectification of any damaged to third party property or SSCBC property (including RHIBs) caused by the Training Member or any of their sailing team, or SSCBC may undertake such rectification and charge the Training Member such applicable costs.
  4. Where damage occurs to SSCBC property, the Training Member must advise SSCBC immediately.
  5. The RHIB cannot be used at any time with damage until such time that the damage is rectified or SSCBC advise that it is acceptable to continue to use it.
  6. The Training Member will fully reimburse SSCBC for the cost of repair or replacement of SSCBC property within five days of such damage.