SheSails and drives RHIBS – Click here

We run a variety of courses to support powerboating which has an integral connection with our sailing activities:

  • Start / finish vessels
  • Mark-set vessels
  • Patrol boats
  • Coach / Instructor RHIBS and ducks
  • Duck and tinnie tenders
  • Couta boats
  • Member launches

Marine Licences can also be obtained directly from Vic Roads; however we recommend Members and their friends complete these courses through our Discover Sailing Centre at the Club:

  • SSCBC Member Duck & Tinnie Tender Induction and Assessment
  • SSCBC Instructor Rib and Duck Operator Induction and Assessment
  • SSCBC Support Boat Training
  • SSCBC Hard Hull Induction and Training
  • Australian Sailing Start Powerboating
  • Australian Sailing Powerboat Handling
  • Australian Sailing Safety Boat Operator
  • SSCBC Powerboat Masterclass/Personal Training