Couta Boat Sailing Courses

Using SSCBC’s Couta Boat Ripple, SSCBC is introducing Start Crewing, Start Helming and Start Skippering Courses as part of the Australian Sailing program.

Start Crewing is the first step on the Keelboat pathway and introduces sailors to the basics of sailing on a small boat, including boat handling, safety and sailing theory.

Start Helming develops both theory and practical skills to confidently take control of the helm.

Start Skippering builds on the lessons already learnt and teaches the participants true sailing skills such as sailing without the use of a rudder, sailing on and off anchor, and starts to touch on very basic navigation.

These courses are conducted in SSCBC’s Couta Boat Ripple and run for 3 hours over four days (12 hours in total for each course).

Ripple is also available to charter at selected Couta Boat races held at SSCBC, such as the Gant Portsea Cup and Victorian State Titles. If you are interested in chartering Ripple for a date in the racing calendar, please contact the office.