Pacer and RS Quest Sailing

Pacer and RS Quest sailing is aimed at 13 year olds and above.  We run both teen and adult sailing classes.  These courses run for two and a half hours over four days (10 hours in total) and teaches the basics of sailing a two person dinghy with added seamanship skills. SSCBC has three Pacer and RS Quest levels , with three class groups to choose from:


Teen Pacers – aimed at 13-17 year olds


Adult Lessons – aimed at 17 year olds and above


RS Quest Sailing Courses

Using SSCBC’s new RS Quests dinghy’s, SSCBC is introducing Start Crewing, Start Helming and Start Skippering Courses as part of the Australian Sailing program.

This course introduces sailors to the fun and challenge of asymmetrical and symmetrical spinnakers on board our two RS Quests. Once completed, sailors can then move onto complete the Start Racing course.

Start Racing is for sailors to learn the basic racing rules, skills and tactics and gain an understanding of what is expected of a racing crew on a small boat.

Kites and Wires
Our RS Quest boats have both asymmetrical and symmetrical kites (used in 420s and 9ers) as well as a trapeze. The RS Quest is a four person open plan boat which makes it an ideal boat to teach sailors the skills required for faster dinghies.