Webinar Workshops

Update 11 June 2020:

Our supported webinars are helping people with an understanding of rules to develop the skills to analyse any scenario at race speed and execute the best tactical response, minimising losses and keeping out of the protest room.

22 sailors zoomed in for Week 1 to consolidate learnings after watching the RYA’s Episode 1: Introduction to the rules.

If you missed last week’s workshop, you can still join the program by watching Episode 1 and then watch Episode 2 this week and join us on the next Zoom at 6 pm on Monday (click here to register).

We’ve partnered with the VIS Performance Program, so the best sailors and coaches are asking some great questions.

Malcolm Page asked some great questions on the details of the rules and followed it up to explain how to execute manoeuvres to protect a position with the soft slam.

Carrie Smith started the conversation of how to deal with boats that break rules. We are going to dive into more detail in our zoom this Monday thinking about the Mistake – Mischief – Misbehaviour scale.

Stream 1: Rules When Boats Meet – Watch the webinar and then register to join the Monday evening (6pm) zoom workshops. We will also have Damien Boldyrew an International Umpire & International Judge (one of only 7 in the Southern Hemisphere who are Dual Qualified) joining us from Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club to share his insight and perspective.

(Mast abeam was removed  from the rule book in 1996)

It is part of a sailor’s DNA to adapt to the conditions, so ISO is another opportunity for us to lift our game.

Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club and its partners are firing up two streams of learning workshops to enhance our skills across the club for the sailors, coaches, officials, volunteers and parents.

Being asked to read text book / rule book or watch a video, doesn’t often result in the mastering a skill or competence, so we are blending some self-study (replay a webinar at a time of your choice) with interactive zoom workshops, facilitated by world class expert trainers.

Stream 1 Rules When Boats Meet
Sailors / Umpires / Judges / Coaches
Trainee Judges & Umpires

We’re starting with an awesome Boat vs Boat rules series from the RYA. This really well constructed and delivered series presents the rules, definitions and interpretations of the rules needed for the race course (and sometimes the protest room)

  • Club level sailors need to be aware of these rules and fundamentally understand how they apply.
  • Championship sailors must be able to apply the rules at race speed
  • Champions anticipate what rules scenarios will be coming and tactically exploit the opportunities.
  • Umpires predict the rule possibilities, position to observe the facts of a situation and decide if any rules are broken.
  • Judges consider witnesses’ accounts of a scenario and decide what probably happened and determine if rules were broken.

This series is suitable for all of these levels.

  • Step 1 Watch this webinar (when it suits you) and refer to these rules (approx. 40 mins each)
  • Step 2 Jot down the queries they raise for you.
  • Step 3 Register in advance for the Zoom Webinar Workshop
  • Step 4 6pm Mondays – Join the Webinar Workshop (approx. 45 minutes)

The initial course, based on the RYA series, will run for 6 weeks. We will follow on with three more specially developed segments for Team Racing, Match Racing, and Rules Around the Course.

The Workshops will be highly engaging and yes we really do have world class experts facilitating this, our own staff Ben and David will be working with Richard, Damien, Carrie and Malcolm. Come and meet them in the workshops.  They have exceptional skills and experience.

Stream 2 – Volunteer Pathway and Skills 

Once we get this stream rolling we will be launching our Volunteer development streams which will follow a similar ‘learn-from-home’ blended learning format.

These will have a mixture of self-serve learning at a time of your choice, followed by a workshop webinar with experts to answer any questions on the topics.

There are a range of topics we’ll cover from Race Committee crew to Setting a course and Managing a Race as well as some new on-line courses due out of Australian Sailing shortly.

Hot tip – If you would like to help us out as a Protest Committee Member start off by doing the Rules Workshops.

Look out for more details in coming weeks.  – If you have any Questions, please contact Ben or David at the Club.