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New Wingfoil rules

World Sailing release first Wingfoil Rules.

WS have released a set of test rules that can be used at any event. They will undergo review and development as events use them, what they have done is a great start. There is a lot of practical common-sense changes for Wingfoils, including mark touches, defining the zone as 10 meters, and mark room is the proper course around the mark. Rule 13, while tacking is deleted – you’re simply on port or starboard, Standard 3 minute starting sequences and no individual recalls, it’s a U or Black Flag start. Wing numbers are sorted, competitors wear bibs with 20 cm 3 digit numbers. Penalties are 1 turn, and rule 42 is simple and sorted. Protests are easy – verbal and if it is an elimination series, there is no appeal. So a great set of rules for everyone to test out.

Check them out here



We’re delighted to have the Wingfoils for this regatta, a first for all of us.  We have a budding fleet transitioning into Wingfoiling, inspired from RS:X Worlds last year when a lot of those athletes brought their Wingfoils along for fun. We want you to have a great regatta, so if you need any help with anything, please contact jack, David or Ben.


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