Yabby Lake Couta Boat Race


Every tack and gybe counts – Magpie and Duchess a dead heat for 1st place…

A fantastic afternoon of sailing on Saturday 6 February for the Yabby Lake Couta Boat Race. Two races back to back, with sailors enjoying a wine tasting courtesy of Yabby Lake when they returned to the deck.

The Race Committee did a great job adapting to the changing conditions and basically got the best races that were possible out of the tricky conditions of the day.

Starting with an Easterly breeze and an up the course current, most boats that went right underestimated the tide and sailed sprung sheets as they approached the top mark – some more so than others.
Boats have different performances against each other upwind compared to downwind, so this was a race for the off the wind boats with the tide reducing the time on the beat and increasing the relative time off the wind. In effect, this low ratio of beating in the total race time made the back calculated handicaps more like what we would see for a passage race.

Well done Lisa winning two races in Div 1 and to Jessamine, Duchess and Magpie who each had wins in Div 2. There is no process to break a dead heat and Duchess and Magpie share 1.5 points each.

The Race Committee are aware of the importance of accurate to the second timing and this is very good illustration of why they always strive to get the correct time for every boat in the fleet.

The results were:

Race 1
Division 1:
1st Lisa C71
2nd Georgia C2015
3rd Jennifer C70

Line Honours: Jocelyn C2014

Division 2:
1st Jessamine C1922
2nd Mercury C22
3rd Peter Pan C150

Line Honours: Jessamine C1922

Race 2
Division 1:
1st Lisa C71
2nd Phoenix C41
3rd Rhapsody C1999

Line Honours: Romy C2003

Division 2: – (1st place was a dead heat)
1st Duchess C21
1st Magpie C169
3rd Fiona C81

Line Honours: Jessamine C1922