Guest of Members Policy



A key part of our Strategic Plan for SSCBC is to enhance the “value proposition” for our Members in all our activities and services. The Member Survey undertaken earlier this year clearly indicated that Members were concerned about overcrowding during the summer season.

While your Club facilities will always be busy during the summer, your Committee has been looking at ways to ensure that our Members have a “first priority” or, at the very least, more comfortable access to the Clubhouse and Members’ services, to improve the “value proposition” for our Members.

Initiatives that we have been reviewing have been:

Curtailing the growth in membership. As I mentioned at our AGM in June, our membership only grew by 1.2% last year. Your Committee will continue to monitor the size and categories of our membership base to ensure it is appropriately balanced by the availability facilities and services;

Improving our security arrangements to mitigate the Club’s facilities being used by people who are not guests of Members. While we do not want the clubhouse to become a “fortress” bound up by signage and heavy security, your Committee is reviewing ways of improving our security arrangements, so that the openness and welcoming nature of the Clubhouse is not abused;

Ensuring that sailors sign in their non-member crew;

Trying to get the right balance between welcoming guests of Members but ensuring that Members are not overly using that privilege of membership.

It is on this last point that I want to outline some measures your Committee has agreed to monitor and implement.

As a reminder it is important that all guests of Members, including non-member crew, are “signed-in”. This is important not only for our liquor licence but also helps management to ensure that the Club facilities are being used only by Members and their guests. The sign-in facility at the front desk is easy to use, and during the summer we will be introducing other sign-in methods to reduce any queuing or waiting. A new Receptionist has been appointed to welcome Members and their guests and to assist with signing in;

In the past we have had an informal policy that Members can bring the same guest to the Club for up to six occasions. After that the guest should be considering joining the Club. This applies to not only friends of Members but also to the family of a Member. Club management will be monitoring this more closely and will be encouraging such guests to apply for membership if they want to continue to use the Club facilities;

For popular Club events, Members and a limited number of guests will have a priority booking period;

For three weeks from Boxing Day, the peak summer season, a limit of three guests per Member for dining bookings will apply. Bookings for the peak season will open on 1 December; and

There will continue to be a pricing differential between Members and guests for social and other activities provided by the Club.

Ours is a great Club. It provides a wonderful venue for sailors, families, children and those of us who enjoy a good meal and a get together with friends. We are a relaxed, welcoming and “can do” Club. I want to keep it that way. Guests of Members are very welcome, but they cannot enjoy the same privileges as our Members.

I also remind everyone of our Code of Conduct, posted on the Club website, there to ensure a pleasant, welcoming and positive experience for Members and their guests.

Graham Cunningham

3 September 2019