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Aggregate Racing abandoned

It’s a bit red for Couta Boat Racing tomorrow and the forecast predicts squalls up to 45 knots and uses the words “hail” and “thunderstorms”.
We can’t see anyway that at 1pm tomorrow we could say it is safe to go racing so the aggregate tomorrow is abandoned.

Ben Fels  – Sailing Manager 9/4/21

Postponement of Couta Boat Mixed Gen. race including the Lady Skippers Trophy.

Watching the models all week and looking at the latest updates and forecasts, it would be unsuitable to conduct this race on Sunday, so it is postponed to Sunday 18th April at 11:00.

We are watching the forecasts and models for the Couta Boat Aggregate tomorrow, which has different criteria for conditions.

Ben Fels  – Sailing Manager 9/4/21

Redress Hearing Decision. – Sorrento Cup, Aggregate, Passage Aggregate

2021-04-04 SSCBC Sorrento Cup Redress P1

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Protest Committee Notice 1 – Result of Rule 69 Hearing
Click here to see the result of the hearing

Click here for an explanation of Rule 69 Misconduct

Changes to Schedule

Lacco Cup Re-sail

The Lacco Cup Re-sail on Sunday 28 March will be sailed (Weather permitting).

Ben Fels  – Sailing Manager 9/3/21


Couta Boat Calendar 2020-21 (updated 30 March 2021)
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Recent Notices

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Archived Notices

Sorrento Cup RSI – Course and Change to Sailing Instructions – CHANGE  Sorrento Cup V2

Briefing at the Coloured Wall 12:45

Ben Fels – Sailing Manager – 3/4/2021

Coastal Living Prizes scoring.

This Saturday, two aggregates are scheduled and each will count for the Aggregate series. We are joining the two races together for the purposes of prizes and the following changes the scoring system and RRS A8.

Races scores for each race will be added together, no races will be discarded. In the event of a tie, it will be broken in favour the boat with the lowest corrected time (Handicap and Line Honours)

Ben Fels – Sailing Manager – 25/3/2021

N over A Displayed – Racing Abandoned – No more racing today

Ben Fels – Sailing Manager – 21/3/2021

N over A Displayed – Racing Abandoned – No more racing today

Ben Fels – Sailing Manager – 20/3/2021

Passage Aggregate

The Passage Aggregate Sat 13/3/21 is an aggregate and passage aggregate

Ben Fels  – Sailing Manager 2/3/21

CBA State Championships – Scoring
There is an issue with the software scoring C36 who has switched divisions. Her scores will be entered after the issue with the scoring system is rectified.

Ben Fels – Sailing Manager – 13:03 7/3/21

CBA State Championships Passage Race Course

CBA States Passage Race Course

Ben Fels Sailing Manager 9.35 am 7/3/21

CBA State Championships Change to Sailing Instructions

“NOR/ SI 2.2 is changed to 1 hour  before the warning signal”

Ben Fels Sailing Manager  8.57 am 7/3/21

CBA State Championships Change to Sailing Instructions and Rules


UMPIRING – This changes rules 35,61.1, 63.1, 63.2, A4, A5, T1, T2, T3 and SIs 21 and 22.

  1. a) An umpire may penalise a boat for a breach of sportsmanship, a rule of Part 2 or Rules 31, 42, 69 by signalling the boat with a whistle and red flag.
  2. b) Umpires may signal with a green and white flag where they see an incident and decide that no rule was broken.
  3. c) Any incident not signalled by the umpires or with damage or injury may be protested by the Race Committee, Umpires, Protest Committee or boats and subject to Appendix T Arbitration before a hearing.
  4. d) Umpires are less likely to initiate a penalty signal for an incident if there is no valid protest by a boat.


  1. a) Part-turn penalties S1 21 apply to penalties taken voluntarily.
  2. b) A penalised boat shall complete a one-turn penalty in accordance with rule 44.
  3. c) A boat that fails to take a penalty signalled by an umpire will be scored a post race penalty SCP without a hearing, unless a protest finds she did not break a rule or this is recommended in arbitration.

Any Arbitrations, Protest or Redress hearings will be held at the conclusion of racing and boats may be informed of a protest or informed of a hearing by VHF or other means.

Ben Fels – Sailing Manager – 6 March 2021

CBA State Championships. Notice to Competitors – Schedule.

  • The weather looks suitable for racing on Saturday and is questionable for Sunday.
  • The provision for re-sail on Monday will not be used.
  • If Sunday racing is not suitable, then the re-sail provision on Saturday 13 March will be used for the series.

Ben Fels  – Sailing Manager 5/3/21

CBA State Championships – Change to NOR and SIs

The CBA State Championships will be conducted in 2 Sessions, the Warning Signal times and races schedule may be changed up to 1 hour before the scheduled Warning Signal. No race scores shall be excluded.

Currently the schedule is

Sat 6/3/21 14:00 WS- 2 Races.
Sun 7/3/21 11:00 WS-  Passage Race.
Mon 8/3/21 (11:00 re-sail provision)
Sat 13/3/21 (14:00 re-sail provision)

Steadfast IBG Insurance Great Fort – Race Sailing Instructions

RSI IBG Steadfast Great Fort Run 2021 D1

Ben Fels – Sailing Manager


Mirror WhatsApp Group – The Couta Boat WhatsApp group has reached capacity, so we have created a mirror group – Messages will be sent to both groups – Click here to join 


The Couta Boat Association have published new class rule 3.3, to work with the changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing that start tomorrow. This means that our starting, finishing and recalls will will effectively remain the same.

It does mean that for judging a zone for mark-room, 3 times the length of the Couta Boat from Jibboom to Stern is used (which is longer than when we previously used just the bow to stern as the measurement). This effectively determines where mark-room applies further from the mark and therefore all boats have more certainty from earlier on. 

Ben Fels Sailing Manager 31/12/2020



Lacco Cup Race Sailing Instructions

The Lacco Cup will use fixed marks and a Tower Start and Finish as described in this Notice to Competitors.  Lacco Cup Race Sailing Instructions


Great news! Sailing is back this weekend.

Sat: 1400 WS Aggregate race
Sun: 1100 WS Lacco Cup – Div 2
Terrific to see some Div 1 sailors jumping on infrequently sailed boats to build up the fleet.

From a Covid perspective we have updated our Covid Safe Plan – So far the main change is that masks must always be worn indoors and only removed for the permitted exemptions such as actually eating or drinking.

Ben Fels – Sailing Manager

All racing cancelled 13 and 14 February.

Due to the Stage 4 lockdown, all community sport is prohibited. We expect that emergency maintenance will be allowed, we will have ducks in the water.

We will update you when we understand more about the restrictions.

Ben Fels – Sailing Manager

Tuesday 26 January – RT Edgar 3 Piers Race – Australia Day

11:00 Australia Day Ceremony
11:45 Couta Boat skippers briefing – RSI RT Edgar 3 Piers race 2021 V01
12:00 Buxton Cup First Warning Signal (OTB Racing)
14:00 Div  2 Warning Signal
14:30 Div 1 Warning Signal
Presentation – Australia Day themed food – on the deck afterwards


Aggregate and Passage Aggregate Results – Topyacht has been sorted out and results updated – Please check your results.

Friday 22 January – Friday Twilight

18:30 – First Warning Signal

Saturday 23 January Aggregate – Laid Course Race

14:00 – First Warning Signal

Sunday 24 Trophy Race – Cancelled

Aggregate Results – That gremlin in the results has not been eliminated, perhaps we have to live with it until we have a vaccine.. Yep lame – here are the race results for the races, and we will get the series results sorted and Update during the week.

Performance Handicap  Line Honours

Sam Byrne and Ted Silbereisen Passage Race 

Race Sailing Instructions – RSI Passage Race 17-1

Next Gen Rescheduled Race 17 January

Race Sailing Instructions – RSI Gill NEXT GEN 2021 V5 (Typo Corrected)

Warning Signal 10:30

Triangle Courses

Organising Committee

Next Gen Racing 16 Jan

We have seen that the models have eased slightly and are monitoring the predictions against the conditions. The models suggest that there will continue to be easing of conditions. We hope that happens.

We are looking at the options to make the racing the most suitable for the conditions.

We are proceeding with the schedule at the moment and will give further updates as the situation becomes clearer.

Ben & Harry –  Organising Committee.

Passage Aggregate  Racing 17 Jan

Warning Signals
Div 2 1400
Div 1 1430

Organising Committee

Twilight Racing 15 Jan

N over A over 1 & 2 has been displayed

As the conditions we have now, are lining up with the models and those models predict worse conditions that are unsuitable for a Twilight Race, the Twilight race today is abandoned.

Ben Fels – Sailing Manager – 15-1-2021

Results Posted

Protest Decisions
C2008 and C1998 – Invalid
C70 and C06 – Dismissed
Paul Pascoe – Chairman


Protest Time Limits for Portsea Cup have been extended to 18:45 for both Divisions

Paul Pascoe – Chairman

Race Sailing Instructions RSI Portsea Cup 2021


Aggregate Results

There is an issue with Top Yacht , It won’t import the New Year Regatta  race on 2 Jan into the Aggregate Series. We hope to get that fixed on Wednesday – The race scores will be as posted for Race 2 of the New Year Regatta.

Ben Fels Sailing Manager 3/1/2021

Information Session at the Coloured wall 12:45  RSI New Year Regatta 2021 (Copies at Reception)

Race Sailing Instruction RSI Mercedes-Benz Couta Boat National Championships

RSI CBA Nationals 2020

At 11.45 there will be an Information Session at the coloured wall.

Ben Fels –  Sailing Manager 28-12-2020

Safety Briefing Presentation, in case you missed the zoom  OA 10-11-2020

Race Sailing Instruction RSI Mercedes-Benz Couta Boat National Championships

RSI CBA Nationals 2020

At 11.45 there will be an Information Session at the coloured wall.

Ben Fels –  Sailing Manager 28-12-2020

Safety Briefing Presentation, in case you missed the zoom  OA 10-11-2020

Dash to the Heads – Abandoned due to weather forecast

Ben Fels –  Sailing Manager 26-12-2020

Warning Signal changed to 10:00 am – Dash to the Heads

The Warning Signal of the Melbourne to Devonport race will be at 11:10 this year, so our Dash to the Heads is scheduled for a 10:00 Warning Signal off the club on Monday 27th December.

Ben Fels –  Sailing Manager 23-12-2020

Wooden Boat Shop Series – 19-12-2020. 

Change number 2 to sailing instructions

A pink vertical hitch mark may be laid 100 metres to leeward of mark 1. Both the vertical hitch mark and mark 1 shall be left to port.

Peter Osbourne Race Officer  19-12-2020

Change to Scheduled Races

The schedule of races on Saturday 19-12-2020 is changed  to 2 back to back laid course races.

Ben Fels Sailing Manager 12-12-2020 5984 8200

Sailing Operations Policy & Emergency Contacts 2.7

NOTICE TO COMPETITORS – Wooden Boat Shop Series – 12-12-2020. 

Rule Changes

The Course diagrams and Finish Line are changed as follows:

  • The Finish line is planned to be between Gillie D and a Blue mark (Displaying a blue flag) It will be in a slightly different position than indicated in Course Diagrams TL and LA.

Signalling course changes will be on VHF 73. This changes Race Signals and RRS 33.

Other Information:

  • Briefing at the coloured wall 12:45
  • First Warning Signal 1400.
  • The Start Vessel is planned to be Jos Law (Displaying an orange flag)
  • Two back to back races are planned.
  • Presentation on the deck after racing.

Crew Register – Tap on when you get to the club

VHF Sign on with Sail number and POB – No Boat names, No Skipper names.

VHF Sign off Sail Number only – If you lose people, we expect you to call us straight away.

Ben Fels Sailing Manager 12-12-2020


eTidings clarification Wooden Boat Shop Series Warning Signals –

This weekend the Warning Signal for Div 1 will be at 1400 and Div 2 following that – we will be doing 2 races back to back.

Ben Fels Sailing Manager 9/12/2020


All races abandoned – No more racing today.

The weather models and forecasts would not allow us to decide it is safe to set out to race as planned today, so all racing has been abandoned.

At 1 Pm today we will hold a Couta Conversation at the Club.

  • Ben Fels will explain the key changes in the new rule book for 2021-24 – and how we are changing some of these new rules for Couta Boats.
  • Tim Phillips will present and and lead a discussion on Couta Boats. 

Ben Fels Sailing Manager 5/12/2020

NOTICE TO COMPETITORS – Wooden Boat RSI 2020 RSI WBS Passage Race 28-11 V2 (Start Vessel changed to April)

Most of the Predict wind models look good and the BOM Meteye & Forecast look great but they weren’t that accurate last weekend.

Other Information & FREE BEER or BUBBLES

  • Warning Signals DIV 2 – 14:00 – DIV 1 – 14:30
  • Skipper Briefing Coloured Wall – 12:45
  • Most of the fleet – 32 Boats – is set up on the Crew Register, thanks for getting behind it.
  • Ask for  Serena Doyle at reception if you need any further help such as adding the crew register link as a short cut to your home screen (after 10:30)
  • Please sign on before going to your boat. – You can sign in when you wake up or get to the club.
  • Scroll down below to notify any crew or equipment changes.
  • Please do a radio check but keep it brief, we don’t want the POB and skipper again – that should already be notified.
  • If you have raced already, your Safety Declaration should be completed properly and lodged. If you have not done so please let us know [email protected] why you haven’t. (you can get a copy below)
  • Please refresh on the Covid rules below.

Get a  FREE BEER or BUBBLES tomorrow if you are signed on via the crew register and race – Western Lawn after racing.

Ben Fels Sailing Manager 27/11/2020

NOTICE TO COMPETITORS – The Course will be finalised and announced at the briefing at the coloured wall at 12:45 Warning Signal at 14:00 –  Organising Authority & Race Committee – 21/11/2020

Notice to Competitors RSI Race Sailing Instructions and Covid Changes – Opening Day. Race Committee – 14/11/2020

Summary of what sailing is allowed  Covid Updates – (These are being updated)

Safety Briefing Presentation, in case you missed the zoom  OA 10-11-2020

Racing dates have been updated following the 18 October Covid announcements.  OA 20-10-2020

Details of our Covid Safe plans for racing will be published once the Government directions regarding racing are made.  OA 14-10-2020

TEST – Under Development

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