Commodore’s Welcome

Welcome to Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club (SSCBC).

SSCBC’s origins date back to 1948 and we feel so proud of our journey over the past 70 years or so. Each stage of SSCBC’s growth and evolution has contributed to the Club we now love and enjoy.

One aspect of our Club incredibly important to me is our iconic Couta Boats. Couta Boats were traditionally used as fishing vessels to catch barracouta along the coast of Bass Strait. The Couta Boats would then race back to shore with their catch. Many of our fleet are restored originals, some dating back to the early 1900s, racing regularly against the newer boats in the fleet. Our Club is fortunate to have the largest fleet of Couta Boats in Australia, and they are raced competitively most weekends from November to June. I particularly enjoy watching the next generation take the helm so to speak, so that they too can enjoy sailing these iconic boats into the future. SSCBC also owns a Couta Boat, Ripple, giving members and visitors to the Club who are interested in learning how to sail a Couta Boat the opportunity to have a go.

Another aspect of our Club particularly close to my heart is the warm, welcoming and inclusive nature of our Sailing Centre. Throughout summer, school holidays and weekends throughout most of the year, you will find our junior and youth sailors making the most of their time on the water, learning to sail or continuing to progress through the more competitive off the beach stages of racing. Our junior and youth sailors are nurtured by an incredible team of accredited instructors, many of whom have grown up themselves at the Club and are now part of our coaching team.

Our Cara na Mara program (meaning “friends of the sea” in Ireland) welcomes children aged from 5 years and provides their first introduction to sailing and boating in general, in a controlled and safe environment. The Stripy Squad courses lead on from there, providing opportunities for children, teen and adults to begin the journey of sailing. This is where lifelong friendships are formed. Our Sailing Centre participants return each school holidays to meet up again with their friends, right where they left off, to enjoy their time at the beach.

We feel very fortunate to be situated in one of the most picturesque parts of the World, with the flat waters of Port Phillip Bay ideal for sailing. Our Clubhouse offers incredible views across the bay, and we invite Members and their guests to dine in the Clubhouse or enjoy a meal on the deck. The Clubhouse is also available for private functions for both Members and their guests. Planning is underway for a renovation of our Clubhouse, providing additional space for our Sailing Centre, boat storage, office administration and a new and improved kitchen and deck area. Stay tuned for this exciting new chapter of SSCBC!

Come visit us, we will give you a warm welcome.

Graham Cunningham



Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club (SSCBC) is located at the southern end of the Mornington Peninsula, easily accessible from Melbourne. Home to the largest fleet of Couta Boats in Australia, we enjoy racing every weekend from November to June.

Our Clubhouse enjoys spectacular panoramic views of Port Phillip Bay, with expansive decks and lawn areas enjoyed by Members and their guests.

SSCBC is also home to a very large and active Sailing Centre, providing family friendly learn to sail and coaching programs tailored to every age, from 5 years to adults. We support and encourage inclusive participation from all ages through a variety of accredited programs. Whether that is providing the very first on-water experience to a 5 year old through our Cara na Mara program, engaging our teens through our Out There programs, or engaging adults who would like to learn to sail, our Sailing Centre has something for everyone.

SSCBC has successfully hosted many national and international regattas in recent years. Our prevailing offshore sea breezes, flat water and perfect sailing conditions provide ideal sailing for all dinghies, sailboards and off the beach boats.

Our large membership base provides us with a generous group of skilled volunteers who help SSCBC to host national and international regattas. They take pride in making visiting sailors feel welcome. Some of the major national and international regattas recently held at SSCBC include:


SSCBC welcomes Members and their guests to the Clubhouse.



Boats Sailed At SSCBC

All boats are welcomed at SSCBC. We predominantly cater our training and Club racing around the following classes of boats:

Single handed:


  • Optimist: The Opti is the most widely sailed boat in the World. SSCBC works closely with the Victorian Optimist Association (VIODA).
  • Minnow: Although the class is declining in numbers, there are still many juniors who like the vintage style.
  • Laser: This is the dominant youth class in SSCBC. The Club works closely with the Victorian Laser Association and regularly supports class training.
  • WASZP: The Waszp class is going from strength to strength. SSCBC is fast becoming a hub for Waszp sailors in Victoria. SSCBC has some home-grown sailors who have reached international success.
  • Moth: Arguably the most exciting boat of our beach, the Moth is a beauty to watch and normally turns heads. Keep an eye out for Harry Mighell doing laps around Couta boats in the moorings!
  • Aero: A new class to Australia which is similar to the Laser.
  • Sabre: A traditional classic dinghy which is mainly sailed by the adult fleet.


Double handed: 


  • Quest: This is a perfect transition boat, ideal for mucking around and having fun or teaching the basics of kites and wires to set you up for the 420 or 29er.
  • Pacer: This is a low powered dinghy, mainly used in our Learn to Sail program or for team racing. They are available for rent during off-peak times.
  • 420: A classic two-handed boat with a spinnaker and trapeze which teaches lifelong sailing skills
  • 29er: A more modern skiff design dinghy with trapeze and spinnaker.
  • 49er/49erFX: A high performance dinghy sailed in the Olympics which has several Club Members on the Olympic circuit. The flat waters make it an ideal boat for our water.
  • Catamarans: There are a variety of Cats on the beach at SSCBC; the most active on the water are Tornados.