Sail & Play

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Sail & Play courses are held during the Easter and September school holidays and throughout summer.  Sail & Play courses are conducted in plastic Ozi Optis (rainbow sails) which allow sailors to build up sailing skills, gain confidence, have fun and make new friends. This is the pathway program for our beginner sailors and has three levels: 1, 2 and 3. Sail & Play introduces the basics of sailing, with Level 1 starting with children in a boat with an instructor, working towards pairing up with a friend, then independent sailing at Level 2 and 3. This course balances fun with learning about sailing.


Sail & Play Level 1 – For children aged 7 years and above who have never sailed before or would like to refresh their sailing skills before moving onto the next level. Children start in a boat with an instructor, often two children per boat, learning the basics of wind, safety and the parts of a boat. Focusing on fun with friends, this level is ideal to increase the comfort level of the children in and around water and boats. Sail & Play Level 1 usually takes one course to complete. If a child feels uncomfortable or nervous, we may recommend repeating Level 1 before moving onto the challenges of Level 2.


Sail & Play Level 2 – Understanding that some sailors may not have sailed since the previous season, Instructors will do a refresher of the core skills learnt in Level 1, followed by a build up to Level 2 standard. One of the main aims of Level 2 is gain more independence. Sail & Play Level 2 usually requires 20 hours of course time to progress to Level 3.


Sail & Play Level 3 – This is the final frontier before joining the coaching program.  While fun is still a big priority, Level 3 requires sailors to demonstrate core sailing skills in intermediate breeze. In order to complete Sail & Play Level 3, sailors usually require at least 20 hours of instruction at this level.


“With three kids of varying ages, our experiences of Cara na Mara, Sail and Play, as well as the bigger fleets this season have been simply outstanding. The kids had such fun. They could really relate to so many of the coaches, who somehow managed to keep them engaged no matter what the weather or water threw at them! Aside from the skills and determination that we saw growing as the season went on, the camaraderie on and off water was wonderful to see and the resulting friendships will be lifelong.” Chris Williamson