Junior and Youth Coaching

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Junior Sailing (7-15 year olds)

After graduating from our Learn to Sail program (or if you have previous sailing experience), the next step in our pathway is our Coaching Program. 

The main differences between Learn to Sail and Coaching Program are


    1. Sailors either have their own boat (this is a big step; SSCBC helps in this area with our try/buy schemes. Please ask the office for more information).
    2. Better value: once sailors learn the core competency skills, they don’t require as much assistance from our Instructors / Coaches, thus the savings is passed on to the sailors. A Sorrento Pass is $900 for over 60 sessions on the water (less than $15 a session).
    3. Regular training: Our base training sessions are every Sunday throughout September school holidays until the end of April, as well as multiple training camps.
    4. Our Couching program is split into 3 main areas, Junior, Youth and Adult


The Junior Sailing group is mainly made up of the Optimist dinghy class. This is the largest standard fleet in Australia and worldwide. The length of time you stay in Junior Sailing depends on height/weight/age/ friendship groups.


There are 3 levels within Junior Sailing:

Green: Theses are sailors fresh out of Learn to Sail Courses. We have lower coach ratios and would be conscious of ensuring they are comfortable on the water.

Intermediate: At this stage, sailors are more independent on the water and are off on their own. Participation in regattas around the bay is encouraged.

Open: Sailors are confident in all conditions and travel to events around the bay and some around the country (e.g. National titles)

Youth Sailing (14-18 years old)

In Youth Sailing, a wider variety of boats are used, primarily separated into two categories: single handed dinghies (one person) and double handed dinghies (two people). For those who would like to make a decision on which pathway to choose, SSCBC allows Members to use the Club’s Quest dinghies (for a transition period), which are ideal boats for teaching trapezing and flying spinnakers. We are also adapting to a changing sailing environment with foiling becoming more popular.

Once in their chosen boat, SSCBC tailors the Youth Sailing according to the number of participants. For example, we encourage our youth sailors to be employed as Assistant Instructors in the morning and enjoy their own sailing in the afternoon.

Next Gen (18-36 year olds)

SSCBC aims to provide a variety of options of sailing to engage our next generation of sailors. There is an option for everyone, so if you have never sailed before, or if you sail every day, we have something for you over the sailing season. We aim to entice sailors back on the water who might have had a break from sailing for awhile, or provide an opportunity for current sailors to invite a friend to join in.

Get involved in one of the following areas:

    1. Couta boat sailing: This is the ideal beginner entry to social sailing. In particular, the twilight series is the more relaxed, fun race to take part in. The highlight event of the season is the Gill Next Gen Couta boat race in January.
    2. Social Sailing: This mainly revolves around team style or group versions of sailing (team racing and match racing). This is an ideal way to enjoy competitive yet social sailing. Races are short and sweet.
    3. Foiling:  Taking advantage of ideal foiling conditions, SSCBC fully supports foiling boats (Waszps and Moths). We support these classes by providing rescue boats to create a “swap with a friend” scenario, and host regattas for the classes. Working closely with the Waszp Association, we have developed a Waszp training program, leveraging our local talent in the form of Tom Trotman (2019 Waszp Australian National Champion, 2018 European Champion and 2019 Victorian Male Sailor of the Year).


The Sorrento Pass

The Sorrento Pass is designed to make life easier for sailors, parents and organisers by reducing administration and the number of forms to complete, and providing much better value. The aim of the pass is to get more junior and youth sailors out on the water, more often.

To be eligible for the Sorrento Pass, you must have your own boat (or access to one).

With the National Championships being held in Victoria this year, we are introducing two tiers of Sorrento Passes for 2019/20.


The Sorrento Pass 2019/20 ($900): covers all training/racing held at SSCBC. This is every session from September holidays, every Sunday training, Summer camps, right the way through until the end of April. This is over 60 session (less than $15 a session). It also includes race entry for the season and end of year prize giving meal. If you have multiple kids in the program, we are family friendly and there is a discount for more than one child: 1 child $900 2nd child $700 3rd child $500.


Sorrento Pass 2019/20 plus event support ($1,200): This covers all of the base training/racing held at SSCBC as well as support at the major events in the Calendar. Targeted events include Sail County, (December event to be announced), National Championships, Snapper point Regatta, State Titles and Youth Championships.



Instructor Pathway

SSCBC encourages its youth sailors to become instructors. It is a great way to develop leadership skills and enjoy the perks of summer employment. SSCBC supports the instructor pathway by running courses in powerboat handling, first aid, AXQ VHF skills, as well as offering grants towards other qualifications.

If you would like to discuss any sailing opportunities at SSCBC, from Learn to Sail through to our dedicated Coaching Program, please contact Head Coach and Development Manager, David White on 5984 8200 or email