Club Coach and Instructor Pathway

Instructor Pathway

SSCBC encourages its youth sailors to become instructors. It is a great way to develop leadership skills and enjoy the perks of summer employment. SSCBC supports the instructor pathway by running courses in powerboat handling, first aid, AXQ VHF skills, as well as offering grants towards other qualifications.

Club Coach Pathway at SSCBC

Here’s an overview of how SSCBC supports the development of sailors into YA Club Coaches.

Generally Coaches will have follow the YA pathway, starting as an Assistant Instructor > Sailing Instructor > Racing Instructor > Club Coach. Click here to view the pathway

The YA Club Coach scheme is administered by YV. A pre-requisite is that the candidate be an experienced and accomplished sailor, from there the pathway requires a candidate to complete a number of courses to ensure they have the knowledge set and competency to coach at the minimum YA standard.

Complete the ASC Beginning Coaching General Principles.

If you are a YA Instructor, you will have already completed this. Otherwise click here to complete it on line.

Complete a Club Coach Course

Follow the link to Yachting Australia’s course schedule.

Be prepared for the assessment tasks

Plan and document a 6 week coaching program

You should set aside some time (a couple of hours) after the first Club Coach session so that you can complete this and hand it in at the second session.

Racing Rules

The coaching course has a rules component. It assumes you know the rules quite well. And you will need to plan and design a session to test a rules scenario.

If you are a bit rusty or unsure of some of the rules make sure you read the definitions of the rules and rules 10-25 (Part 2 – when boats meet). The best way to brush up on the rules is to use this online resource. Click on the “From start to finish” and make your way around the course. Make sure you read the explanations of the answers so that you learn the rules that apply, not just the fact that you got it right.



Conduct a training session

You will need to conduct a coaching session and have it assessed by a YA Approved Assessor.

It’s really worthwhile getting a bit practice and experience in by doing some work with an experienced coach and you’ll learn more if you’re doing it away from your club because it makes you think about the program a lot more.

There are spots available at the YV Club Marine Coaching Clinic. It is highly recommended that new coaches do some practice coaching with an experienced coach at this clinic before getting a practical assessment.

You can also practice you coaching and get experience with an experienced coach by volunteering your time at the club when our coaching programs are underway.

Sign up to the YA Coaches Code of Conduct

You can do this at the course.

You’ll also need….

Current Senior First Aid Certificate

Just google Online First Aid Course. An online course allows you to conveniently complete some of the work in your own time and then attend a course for part of a day to be assessed and instructed on the practical competencies required.

WWCC –Working With Children Check

If you are over 18 years of age you will need one of these.

Marine Licence

Click here to get find out how to get one.

  • Completed YA Powerboat Handling Certificate
  • Completed YA Safety Boat Operator Certificate
  • Apply to YV

Once you’ve done all this, you need to submit all the required paperwork, including copies of your assessments and qualifications to YV.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact the Club.