Jury Decisions at the Sailing World Championships

The Jury room is almost as exciting as the racecourse.  Overnight the light breezes defied the forecast sailing conditions and racing was delayed.

Onshore the Jury has been pretty busy and here are some of the interesting cases.

Nacra Measurement identified an anomaly and there is still a hearing underway following the World Sailing Disciplinary Regulations.

The Technical Committee protested the boat and it was scored DNE,  she then requested redress and it was denied and there is one more hearing to go.

On the RSX course a mark drifted and the RC abandoned the race after all the boats had finished, some boards requested redress with no success.

Some 49ers went out training before the event started and interfered with commercial shipping and paid the price, their redress request was unsuccessful 

Some coaches took their rib out of the harbour to go swimming and it was reported as stolen and the police were called in.

There were quite a few support boats that took their ribs onto the race course and were required to stay ashore the next day.

In a race with light and shifty conditions including a complete shut down and a new breeze with a 130 degree wind shift, the request for redress regarding unfair conditions was denied 

The actual Sailing results can be found here