Shooting The Breeze Episode 2

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Episode 2 – Living The Dream.

What do a chef, a Couta Boat sailor and a comedian have in common? They’re all living the dream! This week our podcast host Mark Klemens shoots the breeze with SSCBC head chef Bernard McCarthy, couta boat sailor Nigel Abbott and comedian, podcast host and TV presenter Hamish Blake.

Bernard shares his backstory of how he accidentally became a chef, what brought him to the Peninsula, his career highlights, and what we can look forward to on the winter menu. SSCBC is blessed to have a chef of Bernard’s calibre at the helm. Back to the water, Nigel Abbott long time SSCBC member, former Club Captain, and couta boat sailor talks to Mark about his love of sailing (that began thanks to skipping Sunday school) and the world travels and adventures it has afforded him, including being part of the America’s Cup team. And last but definitely not least Hamish Blake shares his tales of travel, podcasting, his sailing ambitions and life on Lego Masters all in his trademark convivial style.