Winter Rules Brush Up – Week 1: Definitions

Over July and August we are sharing an online rules course in 7 weekly lessons. Each lesson can be viewed from any device and explains and illustrates the definitions and rules of Part 2 – When boats meet.

Sequentially stepping through these lessons will give readers a thorough understanding of the rules that apply in all boat on boat scenarios.

Please email any questions regarding the topics covered and these will be anonymously shared and answered the following week for all Members.

Prior to the sailing season getting into full swing, we’ll hold tutorial sessions where Members can explore any of the concepts that they are still not fully grasping.

Rather than learn a number of scenarios as invariably happens in a rules talk, these lessons will teach you how to apply the rules in any scenario.

Let’s get started!

Week 1 – Definitions – Every boat vs boat rule except RRS 23 uses a definition. So if you don’t know the defined term in the rule, you won’t be able to apply the rule properly.