Wooden Boat Shop Series

Thank you to Tim Phillips from the Wooden Boat Shop for his support of the Wooden Boat Shop series.

Saturday 30 November was great – “kind of” – to sail off Portsea. We had a nice steady breeze that only oscillated 40 degrees at the start and we set up with no current at the bottom of the course and a nice one at the top of the course that then built over the race. We did have some nice sunshine!

Portsea is a location that just keeps giving. It’s good to get practice there, but it makes one think there’s no place like home waters.

With the tricky tide, stronger than we are used to and varying across the course, combining with the oscillations, we saw lots of misjudgements, near misses and unfortunately some collisions. Those involved in the collisions were very calm and handled it well. The protests will be heard at 1000hrs Saturday 7 December at the Club. Geoff Searle is coming across from Geelong to chair the hearing with Peter Hannah and Fred Allen.

On the Race Management side of things, we have found an error in the course timing tables and we are re-doing them this week. The choice of course process was correct; it was just that the table was wrong – Fred, Peter and Ben are fixing that up now.

There was a glamour start from Tim Phillips in Bella C2016 – Check out the Video that Henry filmed in the VSR with Ben. Click here to view video.

Saturday 7 December we have a passage race, but at the moment the forecast tables are way out of alignment with each other, but provided we have good conditions, here’s what is planned:

Start the race to the North of North mark with a long beat to the Club – it probably won’t be square – Div 1 will then do a run to leeward then come up to the Club again and head to Rye where they will do a long beat and come back to the Club to finish. Div 2 will start , come up to the Club and turn left to go to Rye, do a long beat and come back to finish off the Club.

That’s the plan.  We have put on the wish list if the weather co-operates. We will publish the actual course at 1130hrs Saturday 7 December.


Click here to view video.

Click here for results.