World Sailing Mark-Room Rule

Mark-Room, RRS 18, is a complex rule. Its aim is to get boats around the mark in a safe and predictable way with the basic proposition that the inside boat gets room from the boats on the outside or that the first boat to the zone gets room.

But there are many exceptions and carve outs which make it complicated. We see misunderstandings at marks throughout the season and it is probably the number one cause of taking the shine off a great day racing.

Explaining mark-room is a feature of every club rules talk.

Mark-room is so complicated that it is varied in different forms of racing. Fleet Racing, Team Racing, Match Racing, Superyachts, Windsurfers, Kiteboards, High-speeed classes, Kiteboards and Wing-foils all have unique mark room rules.

World Sailing wants to improve the rule, Judges and Umpires have been asked to comment, and sailors views are also invited.

One of the proposals being considered would mean the Red Boat is sailing within the mark room she is entitled to and at Position 4, Green on Starboard or Blue Starboard and Leeward  Right of way, would be disqualified for the incident, after they have passed the mark – What do you think?

Here is the Rule 18 Survey letter explaining what the working party is trying to achieve – you can have your say – complete the survey by clicking here.