2K Australian Match Racing Champions

As part of SSCBC’s five year strategy, SSCBC has targeted events aimed at 18-35 year olds. This age group is a delicate one within our sport with a high drop off rate. Team racing on small keel boats is a great way to have experienced sailors pair up with other sailors who are no longer as active in sailing as they once were. SSCBC has done/supported a number of  these type of regattas both nationally and internationally, such as Cowes, UK last year and Newport in 2018.

Last weekend, we sent a strong contingent of 16 sailors, some SSCBC Members (Jack Abbott, Ben Gray, Sunday Gibson, Georgina Oakley, Tom Klemens, James McLennan, Tom Trotman, Grace Cockman, Jack Lloyd, Michael Fels, and Maddie Gray) along with some BYS sailors (Ethan O’Brien, Laura Harding Matt hunter). They were supported by Carrie Smith (regular coach at SSCBC) and Lauchy Gilmour (wealth of experience in match and team racing on the world circuit). The idea to have at joint team was there to maximise learning and to have a good crack at the title against some experienced Tassie, Queensland and even an international teams who have access to small keel boats. The teams split up so we had two Melbourne University Skippers (Jack Abbott and Ethan O’Brien) and on the other team we had Tom Trotman and Lachy Gilmour).

Day one of the event had our teams get off to a slow start with only a few race wins and leaving the teams in 5th and 6th place. Day 2 was different with our sailors getting more practice on the boats and both teams worked their way up the ladder. Our top team managed to only lose one in 11 races and lead going in to the final against the experienced Chris Jones and Elliot Noice, who won the last event in Tassie.

Our Team won in the 5th race in a best of five, making it an exciting final.

Well done to Tom Trotman (Captain), James McLennan, Carrie Smith, Grace Cockman (Boat 1) and Lachy Gilmour, Jack Lloyd, Michael Fels and Maddie Gray (Boat 2) who were crowned National 2k Champions.