CBA Technical Committee

Prior to the start of the 2017 / 2018 sailing season, the CBA decided to establish a Technical Committee to oversee the development and ongoing compliance of Couta Boats to its official class rules. One of its first tasks was to establish protocols for the management of new sails. This was gazetted before the beginning of last season and successfully implemented. The protocol calls for:

  • Any new sail to be measured and physically signed by an authorised representative of the CBA (this is not a sailmaker) prior to being used.
  • The Handicap Committee be notified prior to any  new sail being used on a boat.
  • Notification to the Handicap Committee of any alterations or recutting of sails is required as part of the reporting of “changes of equipment or crew” procedure.

Accordingly, we would like notification of any boat/ boats that may have new sails on-board that are not measured and signed via the official process. Upon notification, the CBA Technical Committee will work through a process to ensure these sails are measured and signed prior to the Nationals at Christmas. Please notify Ben Fels via the usual method so he can document and put procedures in place to rectify the issue.

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter as part of an ongoing process to maintain the integrity and compliance of our wonderful class.


Thank you and regards,


Drew Marget

Chairman CBA Technical Committee.