Checking the 100+ Volunteers for the AYC

Below is a list of registered AYC Volunteers,

We are aware that there were some members who put their name on the whiteboard in the office, but this did get accidentally cleaned so we may be missing some names. If you are not on the list or know of someone who should be on the list please contact Deb Kwasnicki – Volunteer Coordinator – AYC – Click to email

Allen, Fred
Aulich, Luke
Banks, John
Cable, Nicholas
Cantwell, Michael
Cantwell, Susannah
Chester, Maxwell
Chisholm, Thomas
Christian, Kay
Clapp, Christopher
Collett, Corinne
Collett, Timothy
Colman, John
Creek, Andrew
Critchley, Howard
Crowe, Jorja
Cunningham, Ann
Cunningham, Graham
Cunningham, Trudie
Dixon, Barry
Dixon, Barry
Doyle, Serena
Fels, Benedict
Fels, Michael Ignatius
Gibson, Elizabeth
Gilbert, Janet
Gray, Amanda
Gray, Andrew
Gray, Charles
Gray, Megan
Gray, Trevor
Green, Milton
Grimshaw-Lloyd, Tonia
Hall, Kevin
Harvey, Alexandra
Heal, Anne
Heal, Bruce
Hick, Hollie
Hodgson, Deborah
Incani, Frank
Jones, Matthew
Karthaus, Gavin
Klemens, Mark
Kwasnicki, Debra
Law, Jos
Law, Sally
Law, William
Lewis, Jeremy
Llewelyn, Scott
Lloyd, Mark
Lording, Elizabeth
Lubansky, Harold Grant
Malkin, Christopher
Malkin, Toby
Manfield, Glenda
Manfield, John
Marget, Drew
Marks, Margaret
Martyn, Trevor
McCann, Sylvia
McIlveen, Bronwyn
McKenzie, Zoe
McNamara, John
McNamara, Kerry
Mengoni, Les
Mighell, Alison
Mighell, James
Mochrie, Craig
Mochrie, Sue
Morgan, Jane
Murphy, David
Osbourne, Donna
Osbourne, Peter
Patterson, Sarah
Pattinson, Les
Philpot, Ann
Philpot, John
Quigley, Judy
Reed, Mary
Sanderson, Graeme
Silverwood, Georgina
Skinner, Andrew
Smith, Grant
Stickland, Ken
Strawczynski, Joe
Strawczynski, Leigh
Strode, Oliver
Toye, Richard
Trotman, Thomas
Vaughan, Ken
Vickers, William
Weir, Trevor
White, David
Williamson, Christopher
Williamson, Pam
Wilson, Linda
Wright, Dennis
Wright, Pattie
Wright, Prudence
Zadnik, Alex