Code of Conduct

SSCBC has adopted the Australian Sailing Member Protection Policy (MPP) which means that it applies at our Club.

This MPP seeks to foster a culture that values and responds to the sailing community’s rich diversity, and ensure that all members of the sailing community are aware of their rights and responsibilities. It aims to provide these in the strong acknowledgement of the predominantly volunteer nature of the sailing community.

The MPP is quite comprehensive across areas ranging from Child Protection and Taking of Images of Children to Cyber Bullying/Safety and Social Networking Websites.

To assist members and non member participants, these simple codes explain the club’s conduct requirements:

B1 General Code of Conduct – this applies to everyone.

Depending on your roles in events at the Club one or more of these will also apply to you:

Administrator, volunteers, coaches and instructors codes of conduct

Sailing boating participant code of conduct

Officials & Parent Guardian Codes of Conduct

Parent-Spectator Code of Conduct

The Complete Member Protection Policy also sets out our complaint handling procedure. SSCBC has three AS accredited Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs), Sally Law,  Ben Fels and Deb Hodgson who can explain the complaints procedure to you.