Free Sailing Procedure

Free Sailing Procedure

The Club is keen to promote unstructured ‘Free Sailing’ while ensuring the key elements of members’ safety are contained.

There is no rule that prevents a member going for a sail. This procedure applies to activities outside scheduled Training Centre and Racing in the program.

Members going sailing that expect a level of safety a support need to follow this procedure so that support they expect is in fact available.

The primary support is from the sailors designated support person ashore – usually a parent. This person monitors the sailing and can call on the club resources as required.

Supported free sailing is available at some designated times and at other times when support can be provided incidentally to other club activities.

The Training Manager or  Sailing Manager determine when free sailing support is available.

Free sailing support means:

Sailors have checked weather and can explain the wind, tide sailing limits to a staff member;

Sailors have a designated support person ashore with a VHF Radio who monitors the sailors;

Sailors have decided and advised where they will be going and when they will be returning;

The sailing will take place in the boundaries on the map;

Novice sailors don’t pass the green lines;

Junior classes don’t pass the yellow lines;

Youth and adult classes don’t pass the red lines; and

Sailors should stay to the up wind or up tide weather influence of the area.

Free Sailing Lanes