Safety Declaration CAT 7 – Couta Boats

For SSCBC Couta Boats and Jubilees Cat. 7
This Audit form must be completed and submitted by the owner of the boat before entry is accepted. Boats will not be scored until their entry is accepted.
The questions below are a summary of the requirements in the YA Rule Book. You must ensure that each Special Regulation is complied with to tick the box.

This self audit is required for your entry to be accepted and therefore be scored in a race. If you are unsure about any items, do not tick them and we will be in contact to assist you. If you advise us that you are unsure about an item, then the protest committee discretionary penalty guideline is that no penalty is applied provided it is verified by an Equipment Auditor and any necessary rectification is promptly completed. Incorrect declarations will earn higher penalties.

Safety Declaration CAT 7 - Couta boats