COVID-19 Update 12 May

Interesting times…

We and other clubs have been working with Australian Sailing (AS) to clarify the announcements of 11 May and align them to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) directions.
Restricted Activity No 7 (see clause 6 and sub-clause 6 )
Stay at Home No 6 (see clause 9)

AS has also clarified matters with MSV and provided this advice on 12 May. In summary, it means that for the life of the CMO directions that run until the end of May:

  • No competitive sailing – no racing.
  • Sensible recreational boating is allowed.
  • Training in a boat is allowed, subject to controls.
  • Members cannot use the Clubhouse facilities for any other purpose than the using the toilets – change-rooms cannot be used.
  • On a boat, people that are not from the same household are to take reasonable steps to maintain 1.5 m separation from other people.

The Sailing Committee is meeting on Monday 18 May to consider these restrictions, how they impact with our racing that finishes on 7th June and just as importantly, what is the opportunity to start next season’s racing earlier than we normally do.

Later this week we will be issuing advice and suggested protocols to Members who would like to safely go recreational boating this weekend – without the support of the Club operating.

The Sailing Committee will also examine the value and requirements of supporting training through the Club.

As a Club, we have ZERO appetite to flout the rules, so we are working out what we can do properly in line with the CMO directions and community expectations.