Day 4 & 5 Update – New York Global Race Team Regatta

Day 4 Report: The day started off with a skipper briefing at 8:30 which saw all the teams gather for the first time. We ran through the big changes of rules and the format of the day. Commodore Graham Cunningham and Annie showed their support by attending the briefings and watched from the shore line. The breeze was gusting well into the 20s which meant the K flag was flying, so no spinnakers.

The team began with a great start, beating team Japan. This race was a great confidence booster as it required three mark traps and two pass backs to secure the win.

We won three out of nine races. Of those nine races, we would have been leading for seven of them, with three or four lead changes per race. In one race we were particularly unlucky where we had a 1,2 and the breeze dropped to nothing with the boats behind us getting the new breeze.

Overall, the team is chuffed with their efforts and feel very positive.

The team is very much still in contention for gold fleet with two races left to sail before the end of the Round Robin, which splits the fleet.

We have big competition against NYYC team who would be most used to the Sonar boats.

Let’s go SSCBC!


Day 5 report: Today started off with the usual skippers briefing at 830. The umpires gave credit to how creative the sailors were on day one and how they themselves look at the rules and plays differently.

Today’s conditions were very light and in strong tide which adds another hurdle to team racing. There was no K flag up today so spinnakers were in play.

Race one was up against the locals who taught us a lesson or two on boat handling. This unfortunately denied us gold fleet.

From then on, it was a steep learning curve using kites in team racing. For our remaining races we were winning the majority of the time until the final leg, where we fell at the last hurdle.

Unfortunately, doing rapid tactical manoeuvres in a light fickle breeze gave our experienced opponents an opportunity to come back. With no proper course (rule 17), it favours the behind team.

The team were a little disheartened, but then we remembered we have won 90% of our pre-starts, first beats and have been doing some upwind manoeuvres that have been complimented by the umpires.

Although our scorecard doesn’t read too well, we are still happy with our performance. There is another Round Robin to go and the team are feeling optimistic about it.

On another note, the support we have received from Graham and Annie has been fantastic. Last night a highlight of our great dinner at NYYC was a phone call with Fred Allen who moved the team.

One day left, let’s go Sorrento!