Ducks and Tenders

Using Ducks and Tenders

Every summer we have new surprises as to what happens to our ducks and this frustrates Members who understandably have expectations around the use of our ducks.

There are three operating modes for ducks and tenders indicated by these flags on the jetty:

– Flag F – Flinders – after hours / low usage

Two ducks available on Flinders moorings – Members need to haul out on the Flinders mooring after using.

  – D Flag Ducks on the jetty / before an Aggregate / mid level usage

2-4 Ducks on the jetty that can be used and left on the jetty after use (do not need to be hauled out on a Flinders Mooring)

 – T Flag – Tender Service operated by the Bosuns – high usage


A number of Bosuns will be operating a tender service.

Before each Aggregate Couta Boat Race and on other days of high demand during peak season, a Bosun will be available on VHF 73.

When using a duck, the expectation is that it is to go to your boat for minutes and then come back.

If you need to be on your boat longer, ask another Member to take you out and call them on VHF when you need to come back.

The following limitations apply unless approved by the Sailing Manager (or delegate):

Ducks are not to hang off a boat for more than 5 minutes

Ducks are not to be left on Member’s moorings

Ducks are not to leave the SSCBC vicinity (Eastern Sister, Baths, 50m past the 5 knot zone)

Ducks are not to be used for joyriding

Ducks are only to be used by Members or approved contractors

The Operator must carry their Marine Licence and wear a PFD

You must be registered on the safety register with your name, mobile number and emergency contact details. Click here to register.