Gill Midwinters

The Gill Midwinters  took place over the Queen’s birthday weekend. A total of 116 dinghy boats along with 14 Couta boats and 46 volunteers were active at the Club over the weekend. A total of 108 races were run over the weekend which were spread between 15  different classes with a variety of boats from Optimists to Catamarans to foiling Waszps.

The wind varied as much as the classes with a lovely 10 knots on Saturday which died off. On Sunday, boats were delayed on the beach due to the high winds and northerly direction. This didn’t stop a small group of VIS sailors being guinea pigs to test the water under supervision of our coaches. Once the wind dropped off a bit, classes were sent out one at a time based on comfort levels.

Overall, the weekend was a massive success with thanks to coaches (from multiple Clubs), bosun staff, volunteers and our great race officers: Peter Osbourne and Glenys Hitchen.