Junior Club Captain Nominations 2018-19

Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club invites Junior Members to nominate for the coming season’s positions of Junior Club Captains. Your support for sailing at SSCBC will favour your nomination and selection as SSCBC’s Junior Club Captains.

The role of our Junior Club Captains is to encourage participation in SSCBC Dinghy Sailing and Club activities by promoting friendship and camaraderie. As Junior Club Captain you will be an integral provider of information and support to the junior membership, a leader in representing dinghy sailors, a mentor to new Members and an active participant in major SSCBC events.

Your duties will include being an integral part of the welcoming party at the Club’s Opening Day events, accepting formal roles at selected Club events, particularly the Dinghy Presentations, preparing relevant reports for the SSCBC Committee and Tidings publications with assistance from the appointed Club Captain, assisting SSCBC’s Sailing Manager and Club Coach, providing guidance to potential Junior Club Captains and wearing appropriate apparel at official occasions. Of necessity, you must be an active Member of the Club Sailing and be registered in one of SSCBC’s Coaching Pathway Programs and demonstrate a passion towards furthering the Club as a better place for juniors.

Carrying out these tasks effectively and efficiently will require that you act in a helpful and courteous manner to your fellow Members and work closely with the appointed SSCBC Club Captain. Your behaviour will be the best example for the conduct of others and throughout this process we hope you will become a better sailor, a more informed mentor and a highly valuable Club Member.

To nominate for the position of SSCBC’s ‘Junior Club Captain’ please email administration@sscbc.com.au addressing the above points and explain what would make you a valuable asset to our team.

All nominations must be received via email no later than Friday, 19th October at 5pm.  No late nominations will be accepted.

Kind regards,

Scott Llewelyn

SSCBC Club Captain