Opening Day Schedule

Opening Day – Saturday 14 November 

  • 0900 Tender Service operating
  • 1100 Race Sailing Instructions posted via WhatsApp – printouts available
  • 1300 Race Committee Vessels, Couta Boats, OTB and Launches assemble off X & Y marks
  • 13:05 Race Management Vessel Sail Past
  • 13:10 Couta Boat Sail Past – Div 1 then Div 2
  • 13:15 OTB Sail Past – Lead by
  • 13:20 Member Launches Sail Past – Lead by April
  • Couta Boat Warning Signal ASAP for Passage Race
  • OTB Warning Signal ASAP for Back to Back races

Following racing, the OTB fleet are invited to enjoy a sausage sizzle on the hard stand. Couta Boat sailors will gather in groups of 10 maximum, on the Western lawn for a sausage sizzle.

Q: How many people allowed on a Couta Boat?
A: It depends; 1.5 meters must be maintained 90% of the time so that probably means three people to windward and one person to leeward would be about the limit for Div 1 and for a Div 2, it is probably two people to windward and oine person to leeward.

Q: Why have someone to leeward?
A: They can share the workload and they can get out for a sail.

Q: How can you race like that?
A: It depends; we know that safe limits around wind and sea conditions will be lower and that the courses need to be less demanding than typical start lines and windward leeward courses – Short-handed and exciting don’t mix well.

Q: How do I enter my Couta Boat?
A: Go to and tap on Enter here to register via Topyacht, get your Crew Register started and complete your Safety Declaration.

Q: How do I enter my Off the Beach boat?
A: Go to and enter the Fred Allen Series